Grab And Bind Of Samantha Hayes

Release Date: May.25.2015
Running Time: 0:49:47
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Samantha Hayes

Politics plus romance equals bondage for Samantha Hayes!

When the campaign manager for Senator Miles Barstow learns that the Senator's carrying on an affair with perky intern Samantha, he offers her a large check if she'll take a long trip far away! Once starry-eyed Samantha tears up the check and leaves after declaring that she'll never desert her lover, the veteran operative decides to play hard-ball. Innocent yet provocative in her blouse, short plaid skirt, white stockings and black pumps, Samantha sits bound and blindfolded in a chair and listens to a woman's voice urging her to leave the Senator. When she adamantly refuses, Samantha's tape-gagged and left to consider her very limited options while she strains against unyielding ropework! 

Samantha remains stubborn, so her intimidation by bondage continues. Stripped of her clothing, Samantha shivers bound and naked after she's seated in a large armchair and gagged with black mouth stuffing and a white cleave! After she's struggled fruitlessly for several minutes, her gag's removed and the question put to her again. Samantha's brain is still trumped by her heart, so when she won't play ball, she's gagged with duct tape and placed in a more difficult position kneeling against the chair arm. Despite her obvious apprehension, toe-tied Samantha remains defiant! 

A very different position precedes a more nefarious approach to changing Samantha's mind when she's tied on her back to a table. Samantha's pinned down with her hands tied behind her head and her wide-spread legs tightly frogged to blatantly expose her pussy! Given such a humiliating arrangement, it's no surprise that a vibrator finds its way next to Samantha's clit; even as she spasms toward orgasm, the tape-gagged girl continues to resist the henchwoman's urging that she submit to their demands!

A simple but stringent application of rope to Samantha's lithe body finally achieves the results desired by the no-nonsense political thugs! At first long-legged Samantha's stretched out facedown on a low wooden table with her ankles crossed and hitched to the table legs; microfoam tape wrapped around her long auburn hair effectively silences the defiant girl! When her ankles are freed and legs folded up into an oppressive hogtie, however, Samantha reaches the limits of her resistance and signals that she'll capitulate to political necessity! 

While the mistress of bondage ceremonies awaits the arrival of the campaign boss, she sends a final message to Samantha by standing the weary nude in ropework that both suppresses and supports her! A blue ball-gag tied between Samantha's soft lips provides one last reminder that any further attempts to rock the Senator's boat would be dealt with drastically. A much smaller check than originally offered will accompany Samantha when she's contemptuously sent on her way, disillusioned but more familiar with the ugly ways of the world! 

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Wow Samantha's performance was amazing and the scene where she had the vibrator on was epic. I came all over my pants. I'm in love with Samantha I want to see more of her please.