Grab And Bind Of Aiden Ashley: The Passion Of Aide

Release Date: Sep.20.2013
Running Time: 0:49:20
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Aiden Ashley

Aiden Ashley scoffs at ominous messages she's been receiving, but the scoffing ends when a mysterious man carries the bound and gagged brunette into a room and deposits her onto a narrow black platform! After exposing and groping Aiden's breasts as she kneels, her captor pushes the struggling girl onto her stomach and hogties her! Cleave- gagged Aiden drools and writhes in desperation, but her ordeal is just beginning!

Stretched out and bound onto the platform like a virgin sacrifice, Aiden lies naked, her hands tied in front and linked to the rope spreading her pussy-lips! While Aiden moans behind the duct tape covering her mouth, the black-clad villain clinically squeezes her nipples and tickles her toe-tied bare soles, then casually caresses the fearful girl's trembling body with ice chips that leave her covered with a coating of chilly water from tits to toes!

Aiden's nemesis ratchets up the rigor of her bondage by inflicting a formidable elbow tie on his prisoner as she sits on the edge a brown leather coffee table. Uncharacteristically merciful, he frees Aiden's elbows but places her nude body in a partial ball-tie on top of the table, where feisty Aiden strains energetically against the ropework and kicks her feet in the air! But her legs lose their freedom after the tireless man tethers Aiden's wrists and ankles, then tips her onto her side; tape- gagged and immobilized, Aiden eyes widen in alarm at her hopeless plight!

Legs don't spread any wider than Aiden's do when she's trussed on her back to the table with her thighs frogged to her ankles! Apprehensive at the blatant vulnerability of her pussy, Aiden murmurs nervously but the red ball-gag stuffed in her mouth prevents more coherent protests! After tying the fragile girl's toes together, the dark figure tantalizes her soles and breasts with hands that roam freely over her quivering flesh!

Roped to a chair, her ankles tied wide apart, Aiden's once more wide- open for mischief. And, after several minutes of allowing his tape-gagged captive to imagine the worst is over, her cruel tormentor flourishes the instrument that will complete Aiden's humiliation! After securing the vibrator against her snatch, he switches on the buzzing device and watches Aiden's contortions for a few moments before departing as mysteriously as he had entered her life! Unable to resist the tool's insistent demands, Aiden's body spasms unwillingly before collapsing in a mixture of exhaustion and relief!

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