Grab And Bind Of Sophia Knight: Captive Con-girl

Release Date: Oct.04.2013
Running Time: 0:43:17
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Sophia Knight

Sophia Knight's bold impersonation backfires bigtime!

"Countess" Sophia's convinced a gullible following that she belongs to an aristocratic English family! To Sophia's dismay, however, her act has also caught the attention of ruthless people in search of a big score. When she's briefly left alone by her starstruck American hostess, the gang's hooded ringleader seizes this fraudulent British bird, ties her up and tapes her mouth! Trussed and tethered into immobility on the armchair where she had held court, barefoot Sophia writhes in fear before she's carried off into captivity!

Deprived of her clothes, a nude Sophia shivers in the wooden chair to which she's been secured by an assertive web of rope! These people mean business and their message is conveyed by Sophia's blindfold: $$$ OR ELSE! Once the "Countess's" wealthy family receives photos of the gagged, bound and naked hostage, they'll respond with a fat ransom to rescue their darling daughter -- at least that's the plan! Of course, as only the terrified Sophia knows, the Cholmondeleys have no idea who she is and won't be sending a farthing! Although Sophia quickly recognizes that her bondage is escape-proof, she continues to struggle desperately; her pathetic moans diminish in volume when strips of tape are plastered over her cleave gag.

There's been no reaction from across the Atlantic so the ringleader's getting antsy. Perhaps, he reasons, subjecting Sophia to more rigorous ropework will encourage her snooty relatives to cough up the cash, so the regretful girl's ball-tied on top of a low wooden table. Mouth stuffing and self-adhesive wrap stifle the revelation Sophia attempted to convey -- that she's no more a countess than her captor is the King of England! No one believes her, this sexy ticket to wealth, and Sophia's hooded nemesis is so annoyed by the delays that he lifts the hapless captive's toe-tied bare feet into the air so he can tickle her sensitive soles!

When his alarming photos fail to stir the aristocrats to action, the frustrated ringleader decides to create even more drastic images. As Sophia lies spreadeagled to the legs of the overturned table, a female henchwoman inches a snake-like vibrator against her pussy! Twisting and straining against the ropes pinning her in this sinister cradle, Sophia's powerless to resist the implacable buzzing that finally tips her into mindless spasming! But news from abroad overshadows the phony noblewoman's humiliation: Sophia's "family" contemptuously denies any knowledge of her and the gang finally faces the bitter truth that their valuable hostage is a worthless faker!

What to do with Sophia? Unpleasant suggestions fill the air, but the alpha male finally prevails, despite his leadership of this disastrous venture. Foolhardy though it may seem, he's determined to return Sophia to her point of origin, where she'll find a considerably chillier welcome after her deception's revealed. Quite a comedown for Sophia, then, when the naked blonde's made to grovel on the floor in a cross-ankle hogtie instead of lording it over her naive courtiers! Now self-adhesive and duct tape circle Sophia's fair hair, replacing the tiara that once rested upon it, but as she squirms uncomfortably on the floor, the weary imposter consoles herself with the thought that her scheme could have ended much more ominously.

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