Naked Bondage Drama

Release Date: May.23.2014
Running Time: 0:44:19
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chanel Rae, Cherie DeVille, Indica James, Charlotte Stokely, Lena Shelby, Abigail Mac

 Naked and vulnerable, five alluring ladies struggle desperately against ropes, gags -- and the lustful women who delight in their bondage!

Bad girl Zayda J's on the run and looking for a change of clothing; that's bad news for blonde beauty Chanel Rae, who loses her dress, shoes and freedom to Zayda! After exchanging her jeans and shirt for Chanel's colorful dress, the horny fugitive lingers in her unhappy hostess's kitchen so she can toy with Chanel, whose naked body Zayda has securely bound. Standing tape-gagged and crotch- roped, Chanel's powerless to resist as the dark-haired villainess fondles her breasts and spanks her bottom before leaving her to struggle on the floor!

Dazzling nude MILF Cherie DeVille undergoes a demanding interrogation after she's roped to a chair with her ankles tied back on both sides to spread her legs extra-wide! Ball-gagged and hemp-bound, Cherie arches spectacularly and courageously resists but her bare feet receive unwanted attention from toe strings and rubber bands wrapped around her arches before a vibrator's introduced to her pussy!

Scheming Abigail Mac convinces inquisitive Lena Shelby that bondage would be a major turn-on for both playful pals. Spreadeagled nude on their bed, Lena finds that she's enjoying it less than Abigail, who's having a ball fondling and mouthing the squirming girl's bound breasts and exploring with her fingers perilously close to Lena's pussy. But the securely trussed and tape-gagged blonde doll doesn't have the slightest chance of discouraging her aroused housemate!

The toe-tied bare feet of Indica James are hitched close to the wood- framed headboard of the bed on which she lies naked, her hands tied behind her back. Wide-eyed Indica's gagged with white tape over self-adhesive and squirms futilely on her stomach; she experiences a moment of hope when her ankles are untethered, but her bondage instead becomes more rigorous after the rope's linked to her wrists. Now Indica rolls on her side, her nudity fully exposed!

In hindsight, Charlotte Stokely understood that engaging in a nude wrestling match surrounded by strangers wasn't a great idea. At the time, though, it seemed like harmless fun and she relished the idea of grappling with luscious Ellena Woods -- but once Ellena pinned her, someone threw rope to the surprisingly tough brunette and before Charlotte knew what hit her, she was tightly tied and tape-gagged! The rest of the bizarre experience was a blur, as Charlotte first stood, then knelt, then finally wriggled on her stomach, while triumphant Ellena eagerly handled her breasts, spanked her and tickled her soles! 

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