Blake And Megan: Bound And Gagged For Halloween

Release Date: Nov.07.2016
Running Time: 0:44:52
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Megan Sage, Blake Eden

Their Halloween party took a spooky turn for Blake Eden and Megan Sage!

Costumed as a sexy cop, Blake's putting the last touch on party preparations when she encounters a leather-clad, skull-masked figure. Her assumption that a guest has shown up early lasts only until he stretches out his arm and freezes her on the spot! As Blake stands immobilized, the weird creature assures her acquiescence by pinioning her wrists and arms with rope, then gagging her with a black cleave. No sooner is the slender blonde seated on the edge of a black table than housemate Megan appears and falls into the same mysterious trap! Once he's subdued the synthetic soldier-girl at the opposite end of the table from Blake, he removes the spell and allows them to strain anxiously against his ropework; their struggling become even more vigorous after he bares their breasts!

In an instant, Megan and Blake are astonished to find themselves costumed as harem girls; their torsos wound with rope and their lips sealed with tape, blonde and brunette girlfriends stand undulating uneasily on their bare feet, then press their bare breasts together with some assistance from the mysterious figure! After briefly kneeling on the table, Blake and Megan are tethered on their hips and eye each other in alarm as the emphatically uninvited guest lurks behind them.

Two black-clad sorceresses kneel on the hardwood floor, their powers apparently insignificant compared to those of the skull-masked demon. To emphatically demonstrate his domination, he first seats Megan and Blake back on the table, costumes pinned to their bodies by duct-tape that also muffles their protests! Once again, he elicits a cringing response by ruining the costumes with strategically placed slashes that expose their breasts, then returning them to their knees on the floor. There, the panicky party-givers writhe until Megan rolls onto her side with her head in the lap of Blake, who's folded her bare feet close to her hip!

Blake and Megan no longer have to worry about the nightmarish intruder's costume hijinks, but their naked state leaves them even more vulnerable! Gagged with black tape and tightly bound, they sit back-to-back on the table at first then, still under the monster's control, they curl up submissively on their hips. But his last wicked act occurs after his beautiful subjects lie facedown in cross-ankle hogties. While Megan and Blake arch and whimper, he slowly circles the table and flourishes a surprisingly convincing serpentine object before draping it across their bodies and vanishing! Happy Halloween, ladies! 

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