Girls Like To Tie Girls

Release Date: Oct.12.2012
Running Time: 0:39:51
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Hannah Thurman, Brittany Christopher, Shannon, Devon Marsh, Suzette Spencer, Shannon Kelly, Chantel Osmond, Gia Mancini, Gwen Stanley, Charlie Laine, Vanessa James

Sneaky Devon Marsh captures, ties and gags an indignant Shamrin! Tough chick Shannon Kelly strips, binds and menaces innocent Suzette Spencer! Crazed Noelle Nash hogties Julie King! Bad girls Gwen Stanley and Gia Mancini hold rich beauty Chantel Osmond hostage! Kinky Vanessa James trusses up naked little Charlie Laine and toys with her! Wrangling room- mates Britany Christopher and Hannah Thurman hold a bondage competition!

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