The Captive Celebrity and the Bound Bodyguard

Release Date: Jun.26.2014
Running Time: 0:43:37
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Gigi Allens, Cassie Laine

 Beautiful bodyguard Gigi Allens was hired to protect starlet Cassie Laine from a fan but her own voluptuous body quickly becomes the center of attention!

Gigi's surprised, then struggles naked, trussed up and tape-gagged from a couch to the hardwood floor!

After Cassie discovers the bound and gagged Gigi, she joins her bodyguard in bondage. Both nude women are roped to wooden chairs and gagged with duct tape; Cassie's size-5 bare feet are tethered to Gigi's size-9s!

Still naked, Cassie and Gigi squirm tied and cleave-gagged on a carpet. Cassie earns herself a tape gag after she tries to loosen Gigi's ankle bonds with her teeth, but Gigi finally frees her hands and unties Cassie's leg ropes. Cassie's escape attempt, however, is quickly squelched.

Gigi and Cassie are more securely restrained by being tied side-by- side and face-down on a wooden table. Gagged with black tape, the nude pair tug against tethers linking their ankles to legs of the table; the bondage becomes even more restrictive after they're hogtied.

Gigi's bodyguard status is mocked when both she and Cassie are bound together, with the Amazonian blonde standing behind the petite brunette, her arms wrapped around Cassie's chest, while Cassie's arms are tied behind Gigi's back! Both bare-skinned and tape-gagged beauties are hitched by a vertical rope to a built-in cabinet; later Gigi's hands are tied above her head, which leads to a surprising conclusion. 

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