The Business Of Bondage

Release Date: Sep.13.2013
Running Time: 0:58:45
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Cali Logan, Niki Lee Young, Eva Lovia, Gulliana Alexis, Cali Hayes, Belle Fatale, Ashley Rose, Roxxi Silver

They succeeded in putting a major competitor out of business but Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young discover that he's not going to disappear until he retaliates in a dramatic fashion! After first surprising, tying and cleave-gagging junior partner Cali, the vengeful ex- rival waits for Niki as the wide-eyed captive squirms apprehensively. When Niki arrives, she receives the same treatment; after ranting at the frightened young women, the deranged man exposes their breasts, then makes them to kneel face-to-face on the couch, where they balance awkwardly in stockinged feet! The bound and gagged businesswomen fear the worst but their captor assures them that they won't be harmed -- he's just going to take numerous photos of their plight and spread them all over the internet!

New employee Eva Lovia desperately tries to remain focused as her supervisor drones on but it's no use: fantasy takes command and Eva slips into a delicious daydream that spreadeagles her to an overturned table! Playfully yanking at her bonds and moaning sensually, tape-gagged Eva savors the narrative that magically bares her breasts, drops the white pumps from her stockinged feet and rides up her skirt to expose a pussy shielded only by a pantyhose panel! Such a delightful fantasy -- but it all evaporates in an instant when the clueless supervisor rebukes Eva for her failure to pay attention!

When hard-working secretary Gulliana Alexis refuses to write a fat check to a predatory relative, he ties her up to intimidate her. After his despicable strategy succeeds and frightened Gulliana fills out the check, the creep re-ties her more elaborately, gags her with duct tape and heads off to the bank while the desperate little brunette kicks off her shoes and struggles from the couch where he's left her onto the floor!

Cali Hayes is a stubborn girl who never gives up -- even after she's been trussed up and tape-gagged on the floor of her office! While the corporate spy's occupied by his search for vital business information, Cali wriggles out of her high heels and hops on stockinged feet to the table where she left her cell phone. But no sooner has the feisty secretary picked up the phone and is about to reach 911 than the masked evildoer returns to shut down Cali's courageous venture. Hogtied on the floor, she continues to battle her bondage but even Cali begins to recognize that she's not going to win this game!

Returning home to find a looted safe is usually a sign that it's going to be a rough day. And the day gets rough indeed for slender Belle Fatale, who's perched on the safe in tied and tape-gagged captivity by Amazonian burglar Ashley Rose! Not satisfied with the fruits of her theft, Ashley torments Belle by toying with the buxom contents of her striking plaid bodice, then hogtying the hapless girl in a window seat and slipping the pumps from her stockinged feet as a trophy!

Roxxi Silver's an old-fashioned girl, right down to her reinforced sheer stockings, and damsel Roxxi's experiences time-honored distress when an unwelcome guest puts her in a bind. Gagged with black cloth over mouth-packing, the feisty young exec doesn't worry about messing up her jacket and skirt as she slithers along the kitchen floor, but an additional rope- tether compromises her mobility and leaves Roxxi squirming on her hip!

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