The Return of the Dangerous Diva!

Release Date: Feb.20.2015
Running Time: 1:04:47
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Alix Lynx, Sophia Knight, Phoebe Queen

 Prosperous young businesswomen with bank accounts to siphon attract Dangerous Diva with magnetic intensity, especially when they're as fetching as Alix Lynx and Sophia Knight! Preparing to dress in her bedroom, Sophia receives the Diva's first visit and the sweet English rose is soon bound and gagged in her bra and panties! Sophia's tempting breasts are quickly uncovered and her pink bare feet also wriggle under the Dangerous One's playful poking! Before hurrying off to her appointment with Alix, the Diva hogties Sophia on her bed and as the bemused blonde struggles, confidently promises that she'll return with her friend! 

Alix is already hard at work when the Diva swoops in to bind the sexy enterpreneur's wrists behind her as she sits in her office chair, then gags her with duct tape! After propping Alix's sandaled feet onto her work table and tying her ankles, the Diva can't resist fondling the squirming beauty's impressive orbs. When she uncovers Alix's private account book, she gloats while the soon-to- be- impoverished businesswoman writhes indignantly in bondage!

Dangerous Diva's as good as her word, so the naked, trussed-up and tape-gagged friends now flank her as she jovially imposes her dominance on their alluring bodies! All good things must come to end, however, so after ball-tying her extremely unhappy hostesses back-to-back, the delighted Diva goes on her way to loot their wealth, certain that her ropework will keep their desperate stuggles under control until it's too late for them to thwart her nefarious scheme!

The villainous heroine is working hard at her cat burglar trade when she's interrupted by a sleepy Phoebe Queen. One look at Phoebe in her little nighty and lust drives larceny from the Diva's brain; after subduing the squirming girl with rope and silencing her with a knotted black cleave, it's time for some naughty fun! Phoebe's bare breasts provide tender targets for the Crime Queen's black-gloved hands, then her exquisite bare feet feel the Diva's tantalizing touch once she's lowered onto the floor and her socks pulled off!

With a prize plaything like Phoebe in her clutches, the Diva's in no hurry to make an exit. Now Phoebe sits naked and webbed in rope on a chair with her legs stretched out in front of her on a stool; her timid protests are swiftly answered by mouth-stuffing and tape that muffle her whimpers when the masked menace once again teases her nipples! Those soft toe-tied feet also receive the full attention of eagerly probing fingers, which elicits stifled squeals from hapless Phoebe! 

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