Naked Blondes In Bondage

Release Date: Feb.20.2015
Running Time: 0:54:4
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Lena Shelby, Goldie Cox, Alexa Grace, Effy Rose, Cassidy Klein, Amanda Tate

Over the decades, men have flocked to California because they know the state is populated with gorgeous yoga-loving blonde surfer girls like Lena Shelby. Naturally there have to be a few bad apples in the bunch, such as the one who made lovely Lena a bound, gagged and naked inhabitant of her shiny brown armchair! The bare-skinned heroine may have briefly considered hopping toward the door until she was folded onto her hip with a strategically placed rope linkage!

Feisty Goldie Cox has her roll slowed by a collection of ropes that supports her small nude body as she stands in ball-gagged restraint! Goldie's bad mood isn't improved by the crotch-rope snugly tied between her legs; she's even unhappier when she's lifted into a suitably submissive kneeling position on an armless chair, exposing ticklish soles and spankable bottom!

Long-legged, fair-haired and prone to bondage, Alexa Grace sits naked and vulnerable on a black platform amid sinister surroundings. Her slender body oppressively bound and her lips separated by a ball-gag, Alexa twists apprehensively in ropework that becomes more restrictive when carefully placed coils fold her legs close to her chest!

A glamour-girl in distress, Effy Rose sits in a wooden chair, her naked body overwhelmed with tightly- knotted ropes and her eyes wide above the ball-gag fastened between her lush lips! Effy's apparently offended someone who's decided to pay her back with bondage and humiliation that comes to fruition when the hot blonde's legs are spread wide by ankle-tethers to the chair's rear legs!

Dark-haired Cassidy Klein proves that she can squirm in bondage as energetically as blonde Amanda Tate when an unwelcome guest comes calling with rope and duct tape! Cassidy's the first to lie tied and gagged on her bed, then it's on to Amanda's bedroom where she's identically bound and silenced! Back and forth the drama unfolds as they battle ropework in separate rooms until both nude girls' contortions are subdued by waist-ankle tethers! 

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