Grab and Bind: Tori Black

Release Date: May.05.2011
Running Time: 0:46:22
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Tori Black


Roughly awakened by a man as she dreams of all the good things lottery winnings can buy, pretty young wife Tori Black is yanked from under the covers, her wrists bound and a knotted cloth gag tied tightly in her mouth! After the masked man ropes her ankles and arms, the terrified girl writhes frantically while he prepares the vehicle that will carry her into captivity! Ransom's the motive, of course: Tori and her husband talked too freely about their good fortune and the news reached the ears of a very bad man!


Tied to a chair, blindfolded and stripped of her top, a disoriented Tori sits fearfully while her captor augments the bondage, stuffs cloth in her mouth and secures it with a cleave gag! When her blindfold's removed, the masked criminal uses his cell phone to take pictures of the bound and gagged Tori that he'll transmit to her husband along with his ransom demand!


A delay in raising the ransom angers the volatile man, who reacts by stripping Tori and ball tying his naked hostage on the floor! After forcing a ballgag into her mouth, he sneers as Tori drools, then snaps more photos as the anguished girl struggles and whimpers!


Although Tori's still nude, the man allows her a slightly more comfortable bondage while he leaves to collect the ransom! Bound with white cord and cleave gagged, Tori curls up in an armchair and prays for rescue!


Exulting in the success of his vicious plot, Tori's grabber absconds with the ransom after permitting her to slip back into her pajamas, then leaving her hogtied and tape gagged on top of a kitchen island! The smug criminal's final act was to notify Tori's husband where he could find her; exhausted but relieved, Tori's finally released from her nightmarish detour into bondage! 


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