Grab and Bind: Bree Daniels

Release Date: May.13.2011
Running Time: 0:50:13
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Bree Daniels


Grabbed by a fraudulent professor, innocent college journalist Bree Daniels struggles in naked bondage jeopardy!


After Bree uncovers evidence that an unconventional psychology professor at her college has fabricated his academic credentials, she confronts him at his home. Determined to keep his tenured position at all costs, the unscrupulous prof offers Bree a spiked drink, then trusses up and tape gags the dazed girl, whose perky breasts he can't resist exposing! Once she's helpless, the desperate fraud carries her off to his country house!


Freed of her bonds, Bree curls up fearfully on a bed and listens to a psychobabble-laden plea to bury the evidence of his fraudulent actions! Once he recognizes that Bree's not buying his pitch, he angrily turns her over to his graduate assistant for more rigorous behavior modification! Likewise anxious to preserve her career, she makes Bree to strip to her panties, then ruthlessly ball-ties and cleave-gags the trembling innocent to the accompaniment of threats and fondling! Frightened and helpless, Bree struggles on the bed and tries to fight off the panic threatening to consume her!


And Bree's plight only worsens when she's moved to a gazebo, where the rogue professor again attempts to negotiate, even offering her the graduate assistant position! Bree refuses, but before she can warn the henchwoman of her mentor's treachery, he swiftly tapes her mouth, then calls in the ropeworker! Naked now, the fragile college girl is forced to kneel, then bound into cruelly submissive restraint to the gazebo's wooden framework! Excited by Bree's vulnerability, the tormentress releases her from the kneeling position, but then forces her to stand, hands tied above her head to a metal hook! Bree's resolve falters as the exhausted girl begins to believe that there will be no escape for her!


Unfortunately, Bree may be right! Brought back inside the house, Bree's slender body is tautly snared into a hogtie next to a window and a ball-gag thrust into her mouth! With her last burst of energy, Bree strains unsuccessfully against her bonds as she hears the professor's chilling words that suggest a drastic conclusion to her grabbing! But perhaps this despicable academic has overlooked one small detail... 


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Awesome vid ! What a cuteee she is....