Tape Bound, Volume 5

Release Date: May.13.2011
Running Time: 0:39:42
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Breanne Benson, Kelly Krave, Marlena Mercurio, Amy Anderson, Laurie Vargas


Working at home in her pajamas, sweet little Breanne Benson was rapidly taped into helplessness, then subjected to the humiliation of having her breasts bared and her toes sucked by a brutal intruder -- an experience made even more unpleasant by Breanne's extreme ticklishness!


Kellie Krave's an athletic 5-11 Aussie, but she was no match for the thug who immobilized and gagged her with silver duct tape on her bed, then ransacked her house! But Kellie demonstrated her pluck by squirming to reach a phone and attempting to communicate her plight!


Like Kellie Krave, Marlena Mercurio showed her spunk by inching her way down a steep staircase despite the considerable handicap of white tape restraining her wrists, ankles, thighs, chest and feet!


Gentle and ladylike, Amy Anderson murmured through her tape gag as her sad eyes expressed the anguish she felt at being secured to a chair with sticky white tape, her breasts exposed and vulnerable!


Spirited Laurie Vargas was primping in the bathroom when the Tape Bondager seized, silenced and groped the struggling girl, then deposited her on a bed, where she writhed vigorously despite an additional application of tape! 


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