Secretaries Needed (For Bondage)

Release Date: Jan.01.2015
Running Time: 0:47:57
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Gisella Moreno, Sophia Rossini, Natalie Mason, Aimee Addison, Laura Lee, Hannah West

How unlucky can one hot little secretary be? Shaken because she was bound, gagged and robbed at work, Gisella Moreno quit her job! But Gisella encountered the same burglar at her new place of employment, where the unfortunate girl was left tied to her desk and silenced with tape! 

With the wealthy sucker's faithful assistant Sophia Rossini struggling on the mattress as her ball-tied and tape-gagged captive, gold-digger Natalie's on her way to easy street!

Aimee Addison thought her problems with Laura Lee were over once she'd fired her. But Laura refused to go quietly: the seething young woman hogtied and tape-gagged her startled ex-boss, then left a most unwelcome gift for the helpless Aimee!

Drifting into fantasy as she worked at home, Hannah West envisioned herself spreadeagled on her bed, a knotted cloth tied between her lips! As she struggled against her bonds, searching hands pulled at her clothing, fondled her breasts and searched under her panties while she moaned through her gag!

When they found her, Natalie Mason was seated on her desk, tautly roped and writhing, her eyes wide above her tape-sealed lips, her feet kicking angrily!  

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