Bound and Penetrated, Volume Two

Release Date: Nov.25.2011
Running Time: 0:46:59
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jana Cova, Sue Diamond, Jana Jordan, Jamie Lynn


When you're young and pretty, many sources of pleasure beckon. Girls love to shop, girls love to party -- and some girls love to tie and gag each other, then have fun! The kind of fun, of course, that arrives in the form of a sleek, metallic, bullet-shaped object that performs the most important functions of a boyfriend without all the messy and tiresome male complications! So when Sue Diamond and Jana Cova want a special thrill, they break out ropes and gags for a kinky, sweaty afternoon full of playful struggling and moaning! The kind of afternoon that ends as both blonde beauties lie back, satiated with happy memories of spread legs, metallic thrusts into wet pussies and emphatic climaxes!


Jamie Lynn and Jana Jordan ratchet up the excitement for their games by daringly breaking into the house of a neighbor while she's at work! Aware that they could be surprised at any moment, the sexy daredevils take turns binding, gagging, licking, groping and teasing until moist snatches ache for penetration! Then, at last, each girl's experiment in helplessness culminates as her lover maneuvers the toy deeper and deeper until she surrenders orgasmically! 


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