Bound and Gagged Bride

Release Date: Nov.25.2011
Running Time: 0:40:31
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Roxanne Chadwick, Cindy Schubert, Cory Lane, Chantel Osmond, Tammy Wallace, Hannah Thurman, Rachel Santini, Kelly Douglas, Jocelyn Carey, Candace McLean, Jamie Ann Martin

It’s Hannah Thurman’s wedding day and she couldn’t be happier! But envious Rachel Santini invades the bride’s bedroom, overpowers her and ropes her into captivity. Crazed Rachel taunts and toys with gagged and helpless Hannah until a timely rescue leaves the dark-haired fury in bondage and Hannah on the way to her wedding!

Supporting scenarios: Feisty Kelli Douglas wins a bondage battle with sizzling first-timer Jocelyn Carey! * Four damsels struggle in distress when Cindy Schubert, Roxanne Chadwick, Shayla Stevens and Tammy Wallace find trouble! * Chantel Osmond and Cory Lane writhe on the floor after they’re bound by a baddie! * Trusting Candace McLain and Jamie Ann Martin are conned and captured! 

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Awesome classic video!!! Keep these coming!