Hogtied Captives Of Dangerous Diva

Release Date: Jun.22.2012
Running Time: 0:46:15
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Gia Mancini, Lela Star, Erin Avery, Roxy DeVille

Before Gia Mancini could get out of her driveway, Dangerous Diva popped up in the backseat of her car, forced her back into the house, then blindfolded and bound her! The Diva was after Gia's small but distinguished coin collection and quickly forced her captive to divulge the combination to her safe with relentless tickling of Gia's stockinged soles! Some tape over Gia's mouth and a brisk hogtie left the Diva free to pursue her criminal vocation!

The old house Lela Star and Erin Avery had rented for the summer hid a treasure that Dangerous Diva wanted very badly! So one night, as the girls showered and prepared for bed, the Diva dropped in uninvited and first Erin, then Lela became naked, gagged and bound witnesses to the catsuited criminal's thrill at her latest theft!

Dangerous Diva knew she'd have several hours alone in the mansion to redistribute some income her way -- alone except for sexy chambermaid Roxy DeVille! To tell the truth, the Diva looked forward to disrupting Roxy's workday, which she accomplished quite efficiently, first tying and gagging the startled girl, then hogtying and toying with Roxy before she stole away!

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