Helpless Homebound Hostages

Release Date: Jul.26.2013
Running Time: 0:52:34
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Kendra James, Chloe Amour, Lena Shelby, Giselle Mari, Catie Parker, Britney Lace, Kimberly Gates, Amber Rouge

Pretty banker's wife Kendra James becomes the bound and gagged hostage of bad girl Chloe Amour, who makes Kendra's time in captivity miserable by fondling her breasts and tickling her bare feet!

When her boyfriend scams his gambling associates, innocent Lena Shelby pays the price! Taken hostage by the gang boss, the fearful girl sits tied and cleave-gagged while her breasts are bared; briefly freed, Lena's plunged back into bondage by the angry thug, who leaves her tape-gagged and hogtied!

The homebound prisoner of a kinky female thief, dark-haired secretary Giselle Mari squirms unhappily as she sits securely roped on the floor! After Giselle's captor stuffs cloth in her mouth and seals her lips with black tape, she takes advantage of the helpless girl by tweaking her nipples and tormenting her stockinged feet!

Cool, calm and collected, villainess Britney Lace works at a laptop while her gagged and trussed prisoner Catie Parker curls up on a table just a few feet away! Once Britney's completed her nefarious task, she tantalizes Catie's bare breasts and stockinged feet before departing.

Just imagine Amber Rouge's consternation when she arrives home to find housemate Kimberly Gates squirming tied up and tape-gagged on her bed! Before Amber can escape, she's roped and gagged as well; ignored by the phantom thieves, the energetic girls roll together on the bed and lose their shoes but can't unravel their ropework!

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