Stripped Down And Tickled All Over

Release Date: Nov.01.2013
Running Time: 0:48:54
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Summer Brielle, Emily Austin, Ashley Rose, Amber Rouge, Kimberly Gates, Zoey Foxx, Zoey Paige, Eva Lovia, Randy Moore

If they were to meet in a wrestling match, busty Summer Brielle would undoubtedly pin diminutive Emily Austin in a few seconds. But Summer's provided with a substantial handicap that consists of her being tied naked to the tongue chair, so Emily's mischievous fingers are free to turn her adversary into a high-pitched giggling machine! Connoisseurs of the genre will appreciate how Emily lifts Summer's feet so she can assault those vulnerable bare soles, but should also be impressed with her willingness to climb onto the chair and straddle the moaning Ms. Brielle so she can dig into underarms that beg to be fingered!

Are large feet more ticklish than small? It may be impossible to generalize, but there's no question that Ashley Rose's size-10 soles have an endless array of the nerve endings that make a tickler's job a pleasant one while tormenting Ashley! Nor does he overlook the many other areas of Ashley's amazonian frame that bring a loud response from the bound and naked blonde when they're stimulated by probing fingers!

Amber Rouge has fun as she ties down Kimberly Gates and tickles her sensitive body.

Yes, it's a massage table and Kimberly Gates is using her hands purposefully on her subject, but a closer look reveals that Amber Rouge is naked, bound hand and foot, and making the kind of sounds that are rarely heard in a massage parlor! Whatever her motives, Kimberly gives 100% to bring out every ounce of Amber's ticklishness, from her neatly arched bare feet to sensitive flesh above her waist!

Zoey Foxx, on the other hand, possesses petite bare feet whose sensitivity is inversely proportionate to their area in square inches. Which is a fancy way of saying that when little Zoey's tied bare-skinned on her back, wrists tied separately to ankles, she makes almost as much noise when her soles are tantalized as Ashley, who's nearly a foot taller! Of course, rib-squeezing and underarm invasion also cause Zoey to squeal in dismay!

Almost six-feet tall, blonde Zoey Paige has little in common physically with bitsy brunette Zoey Foxx, but they're suffering sisters in ticklishness! Tantalizing a large and energetic girl like Zoey P. is hard but rewarding work; laughter fills the room as her bound body bounces on the bed in response to affectionate but aggressive handling of her ticklish torso! Zoey's naked except for black garter stockings that predictably provide zero protection to her wriggling soles.

As a ticklish lady herself, Randy Moore's grateful to give, rather than to receive -- and she also knows where the most sensitive spots are likely to be located on a girl's naked body! The girl in question is cute dark-haired newbie Eva Lovia and her naked body is stretched out on a platform with her hands and feet tied down to maximize her vulnerability. So once Randy's flashing fingers get down to business, it's inevitable that Eva will be doing plenty of noisy thrashing!

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