Make No Mistake Your Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Jun.29.2015
Running Time: 0:47:9
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Tomi Taylor, Amanda Tate, Kalina Ryu, Kenna James, Nikki Knightly, Ashley Lane

Amanda Tate: Tall, slender, long blonde hair, black-and-white patterned mini-dress, eye-glasses, book-smart. Tomi Taylor: Tall, amazonian, long dark hair, bright yellow mini-dress, street-smart. So what do Tomi and Amanda have in common? They're both stubborn young ladies who've refused to co- operate with important people, so they're both seated barefoot and bound on the floor until they wise up! The mouthy girls also earn duct-tape gags, but continue to defy their oppressors by attempting to free each other until they roll onto their sides and lie in awkward proximity! 

The stakes are drastically raised for Amanda and Tomi when their clothing disappears and petite friend Kalina Ryu's roped into their predicament! Tied and tape-gagged, naked little Kalina's carried in Tomi's powerful arms when she and Amanda, both nude but unbound, enter the room! As Kalina stands wide- eyed between them, Tomi follows shameful commands to fondle the trembling girl's rope-framed breasts while Amanda swats her bottom! After Amanda and Tomi are re- introduced to ropework and gagged, all three stand in an eye-catching line-up of bondaged beauty! Carefully balancing on bare feet, Tomi, Kalina and Amanda work hard to free each other before sinking onto their hips to continue their brave but futile efforts! Before long, the restrained threesome are rolling about kaleidoscopically on the carpeted floor, still refusing to accept defeat!

She's wearing an eye-catching red cocktail dress and glitzy high- heeled sandals, so it's a pretty good guess that Kenna James returned home from a party and interrupted a burglary in progress! As a result, gorgeous Kenna's sitting bound to a wooden chair, a cleave-gag between her lips -- not an ideal situation for the party-girl but one she can wait out until the thief absconds. But there's more going on here than appears to be the case, as Kenna learns when a second chair's placed so that her legs can be raised into a horizontal position. Matters become even more worrisome for Kenna when her shoes are slipped off and her big toes tied together -- those soft, slender bare feet are vulnerable now, so Kenna squirms vigorously in apprehension of tickling to come!

Another luscious damsel in distress, Nikki Knightly is ordered out of her dress but allowed to retain her bright red bra and panties, which are soon highlighted by white ropes that subdue her small body! Black-haired and wide- eyed, Nikki wriggles in disbelief at her plight as she sits on a couch and moans through a black cleave! Nikki's energetic resistance is drastically diminished after she's placed on her knees against the arm of the couch and her bare feet tethered to her hands! Breasts bared, panties pulled down, now gagged with duct tape, Nikki still struggles courageously, but she knows the chances of escape are minimal!

What's a fragile young beauty like Ashley Lane to do when she enters her bedroom expecting to slip under the covers, only to find ominous coils of black rope on top of them? In reality, the barefoot, nighty-clad girl doesn't have much of a chance against the hooded nightcrawler waiting to pounce! After tying her wrists behind her and gagging her with duct tape, the spectral figure coils more rope tightly around her chest, then guides her out of the bedroom to her home office! There he completes his ruthless task by pushing Ashley face-down onto a futon, crossing and binding her ankles and folding her legs into a hogtie! As the bewildered and whimpering innocent arches on her stomach, the villain goes about his nefarious business! 

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