The Squeals Of Ticklish Nice Girls

Release Date: Oct.11.2013
Running Time: 0:40:17
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Summer Brielle, Roxxi Silver, Eva Lovia, Gulliana Alexis, Sidney Adams, Stacie Jaxxx, Jana Jordan, Erika Jordan

Blonde torments blonde when aggressive Roxxi Silver gets her hands on bound and busty tickle-babe Summer Brielle! After working over Summer's torso while both are standing, Roxxi tosses her strugglinging victim onto a couch, lifts up her bare feet and assaults those high- arched and thin-skinned soles with her fingernails while Summer wails for mercy!

"Tie her up and tickle her down!" is the motto of the dedicated man who makes Eva Lovia fervently wish that her nervous system was as unresponsive to digital stimulation as the tickler is to her plaintive pleading! But Eva's cute nude body bears the curse of the tickle gene, so all she can do is giggle and hope that the man with the hands will be merciful (he won't).

There's no question that Giuliana Alexis exerts a potent physical allure; her small and delectable body coupled with wide-eyed facial beauty guarantees that Giuliana will turn heads. But she's also a spirited and fun-loving girl who turns the act of tickling into an almost co-operative experience, though it's still advisable to get some rope around those wrists and ankles just in case Giuliana decides to make a break for the door!

When you're a slender young lady like Sidney Adams, there's not much flesh to cushion those sensitive nerve endings. So when you're naked and bound, and a determined tickler gets a hold of you, the only option's to do a lot of squirming and squealing -- especially when your legs are folded up so that soles and ribs are in double jeopardy!

We've already discovered that Stacie Jaxxx stands on a pair of very ticklish bare soles, so in the experimental spirit, we wanted to test whether the addition of pantyhose would limit the impact of fingernails on her foot- bottoms. Nope -- as it turns out, Stacie makes just as much noise when the hose-clad soles are teased, and the rest of her delectable little body is just as prone to involuntary spasms when she's squeezed and poked as she was in the past!

Jordan tickles Jordan when the always-enthusiastic Erika torments the ever-ticklish Jana! Legs spread wide and hands tied above her head, naked Jana's a delectable target for Erika, who climbs aboard and makes the bitsy blonde wail with fingers that simply won't stop roaming around that lithe body until they find a tender venue to attack! From soles to chin, let's be frank, Erika turns Jana into her tickle-bitch!

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