Happy Couples Bound To One Another

Release Date: May.01.2014
Running Time: 0:50:55
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Layla Sin, Jay Smooth, Cassie Laine, Harvey, Lena Shelby, Gunnar, Carissa Montgomery, Aaron, Keira Kelly, Mark, Chloe Lynn, Derek

Dressed to the nines, Jay Smooth and Layla Sin sit captives of a disgruntled business partner and he gets his rocks off by removing Layla's strappy sandals and caressing her feet!

Victimized by stealthy villains, naked Cassie Laine and shorts-clad Harvey lie on their stomachs next to each other on the bed, gagged with tape and bound hand and foot! Their mobility's hampered by ropes tethering their ankles to the bed's headframe; the unhappy couple's predicament worsens when the tethers are used to hogtie them! Cassie rolls on her side to bring herself closer to Harvey, but they remain in taut restraint.

Both Lena Shelby and Gunnar are gagged with duct tape over self- adhesive and sit facing each other; Lena uses her talented toes to pluck at Gunnar's ankle bonds and gag.

Handsome couple Aaron and Carissa Montgomery squirm through an ugly evening when the insurance salesman they invited to their home turns out to be a ruthless rope-wizard in search of loot. The stripped and bound pair at first deny that they have anything worth stealing, but kneeling face-to-face in speechless restraint for an hour loosens tongues after the tape-gags are removed! The coin collection now just a wistful memory and their gags back in place, Carissa and Aaron squirm on the couch in tethered restraint.

With big money at stake, ruthless henchmen play hardball with corporate whistleblower Mark! Even though he's bound and blindfolded, Mark refuses to reveal where he's hidden incriminating information, but when the blindfold's removed, he's shocked to find his frightened fiancee Keira Kelly roped naked to a chair and tape-gagged! Mark finally caves to their demands, then is stripped to his shorts, tape-gagged and tied next to her!

Stripped to his briefs and tied to a chair, Derek begs for mercy but claims he doesn't have the money to pay off his debt. The loanshark then surprises his debtor by producing his terrified girlfriend Chloe Lynn! The loanshark orders Chloe to undress; Derek still claims he's broke but after the thug menaces naked, bound and tape-gagged Chloe, he changes his tune!

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