Holly Manning As You've Never Seen Her Before

Release Date: Jun.06.2016
Running Time: 0:27:48
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Holly Manning

 Holly's elegant as usual in a red dress and high heels, but the metal cuffs around her wrists and ankles as she hobbles into the room indicate that it's no ordinary day for our heroine! Holly's also gagged with white tape and after she's pinned to a wooden chair with thin metal chains, a cardboard sign resting on her lap identifies her as a corporate evildoer! Powerless to escape her metallic confinement, Holly's limited to slipping her bare feet out of her shoes and glowering at the phantom group who've made an example of her!

Already tied to a chair in her stylish dress, Holly undergoes a unique humiliation when a forbidding figure appears and gags her with a pacifier! Holly's warned in no uncertain terms to bite down on the small plastic device and retain it in her mouth or face dire consequences. Although the intimidated Holly obeys these commands, she's later more strictly confined by ropework around her chest and the unusual gag is sealed in place with several strips of white tape! 

If you've ever wondered how Holly would react when those shapely bare feet of hers feel the tantalizing touch of vibrating fingernails, wonder no more! Attired in black slacks and an orange top, Holly's locked into the wooden stocks and wriggles her feet nervously as a hooded stranger approaches. When his intrusive fingers inevitably contact her naked soles, Holly twists energetically in the stocks and giggles loudly; before long, her feet get a break, only for her ribs, stomach and underarms to receive merciless tickle treatment! And just so her foot-bottoms don't feel neglected, a second intruder appears with the result that Holly writhes under the impact of an exuberant double-team! 

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