Tis The Season To Be Tied

Release Date: Feb.22.2013
Running Time: 0:45:6
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Randy Moore, Britney Lace, Kimberly Gates, Melody Jordan, Bailey Blue, Kimberly Gates

Here's the present you've always dreamed about but Santa would never deliver: Randy Moore, the bound and gagged Christmas elf! A crimson vision from her pumps and minidress to her cap and glistening lips, Randy sits on the white coverlet of a bed, neatly tied and cleave-gagged for your pleasure! The alluring captive rolls energetically about on the bed until she's hogtied; Randy finally loses her gleaming red pumps and you receive an extra holiday treat of those wondrous high-arched bare feet flexing and pointing as the captive elf battles her bondage!

Attired in an adorable "Dorothy" costume consisting of white blouse, checkered blue-and-white jumper and white knee socks, Britney Lace anticipates being the hit of the party! But Britney will be partying alone after naughty Kimberly Gates intervenes by snaring her in a web of black rope and silencing her protests with white tape! After Kimberly heads off to the party, the ingeniously tethered Britney squirms on the hardwood floor and bemoans her cruel plight!

"Calling Nurse Melody!" Unfortunately, Melody Jordan's in no position to exercise her skills because the buxom redhead's been trussed up in her colorful candystriper costume and gagged with duct tape! Melody struggles spiritedly as she sits on a lounge, her ankles roped to the furniture leg, but only manages to slip her stockinged feet free from red pumps! Harsher treatment awaits the hapless nurse when she's rolled sideways onto the lounge and subjected to a wrist-ankle tether!

Some employers are just never satisfied! Dazzling in an abbreviated black chambermaid outfit, Bailey Blue's accused by her boss of malingering on the job, thus deserving the bondage that perches her in a precarious kneeling position on a gleaming black bench! A black cleave that separates Bailey's luscious lips muffles the protests against her unfair treatment; is it possible that this tyrannical employer's less interested in job performance than the amazing views of Bailey's bare breasts, stockinged soles and round bottom she provides as she desperately struggles?

With her obsidian eyes and raven tresses, Kimberly Gates radiates an exotic beauty that makes her perfect for dominating cute busty blondes (see Britney Lace above). Kimberly's also an impressive sorceress, but even a formidable young lady may meet her match, as Kimberly does when ten interconnected circles of rope pin her to a long wooden bench! Lips sealed with duct tape, the sexy witch is powerless to work her magic, so she can only squeal and wriggle when her feet are bared, toes tied and pussy exposed!

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