Bickering Barmaids In Bondage

Release Date: Feb.08.2013
Running Time: 0:50:37
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Keira Kelly, Bailey Blue, Zarena Summers, Arielle Lane, Cassie Ramone, Kimberly Gates, Solhey Rivera

Sick and tired of the wrangling between barmaids Charlotte Stokely and Keira Kelly, their employer ties them up, gags them with white cleaves and stands them in the corner to cool off! Clad in a green costume, red fishnets and heels, blonde doll Charlotte continues to mutter angrily at hostile Keira, whose red outfit complements her auburn hair. When the girls refuse to play his game, their boss removes their shoes and tethers them on the floor, where barefoot Keira and stockinged Charlotte squirm and whimper companionably in their misery!

Bailey Blue revives the spirit of the 50s when her girl-next-door loveliness blends perfectly with her vintage costume of pink poodle skirt and white blouse, saddle shoes and pink eye-glasses! Lured into a phony audition, innocent Bailey's bound to a chair and gagged with a red bandanna; she performs compellingly as a pretended damsel-in- distress until her breasts are bared and her indignant writhing takes on greater authenticity! But the worst is yet to come for Bailey, who arches hogtied on a dining table until the heartless "producer" ends her audition!

Cheerleaders love to bounce around and support their team with loud voices, so Zarena Summers is understandably frustrated when she's immobilized with rope and silenced with cloth! The "Dawgs", whose team nick-name is imprinted across the chest of Zarena's blue and white uniform, will be deprived of her efforts, which are confined to a few square feet of a wooden floor where the pretty brunette writhes and murmurs in bondage. Note: From certain angles, it's obvious that Zarena forgot to wear panties!

Captive cop Arielle Lane squeals angrily behind her cleave gag as she stands bound to a bed's metal-wire frame! Arielle's frantic struggles fail to free her but increase in intensity after her breasts are bared!

Slender blonde brat Cassie Ramone reacts to her bondage by struggling vigorously and sputtering indignantly around a black cleave-gag! Dressed in a short-sleeved white blouse, plaid mini-skirt, above-the-knee grey socks and multi-colored sneakers, pig-tailed Cassie whines unhappily when her blouse is opened to reveal a red bustier and perky bare tits!

Although Kimberly Gates dazzles in her turquoise harem outfit, she's too shy to be an effective exotic dancer, so ruthless mistress Solhey Rivera jumps onstage to energize Kimberly's performance! To be more specific, grinning Solhey binds the dark-eyed beauty, gags her with a black cleave, yanks open her top to play with her breasts and pulls down her harem pants and panties! To complete the show, Solhey lowers the fearful Kimberly onto her hip, ropes her bare feet close to her wrists, then leaves her novice entertainer hopelessly struggling!

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