Costume Bondage Battle

Release Date: Nov.01.2013
Running Time: 0:52:29
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Sophia Taylor, Chanel Rae, Ava Sparxx, Amy Fair, Cherie DeVille, Amy Anderson, Brea Bennett, Lena Shelby, Veronica Weston

Superheroines have rarely been treated with as much disrespect as cat burglar Chanel Rae showers on crimson-costumed Sophia Taylor! Festooned with coils of thick white rope from chest to ankles, tiny Sophia balances uneasily on her spike- heeled boots and squeals behind the black cloth over her mouth while towering Chanel acquaints herself with Sophia's boobs and butt! But there's worse to come: Deprived of her mask and boots, the top of her costume pulled down, tape-gagged Sophia lies bound on a wooden bench while Chanel crawls on top of her for some serious groping of naked tits!

Intoxicated by her domination of Sophia, our cat-suited predator fails to hear retribution sneaking up on her! When the dust clears, Chanel's wriggling angrily on the bench in a ball-tie as Sophia savors her revenge by demasking the barefoot bad girl, then paying back Chanel's boobs for the indignities visited on her own breasts! Sophia vanishes after dropping the dime on Chanel, but only after leaving the tape-gagged sneak thief in a humiliating hogtie suitable for greeting representatives of the law!

Amy Fair implements an unusual disciplinary philosophy to cure chambermaid Ava Sparxx of her slovenly ways! After the adorable redhead's securely roped and gagged with pink tape, Amy makes her to kneel on the leather coffee table, then gropes her breasts and spanks her bottom! To complete the punishment, Amy hogties squirming Ava, removes her high heels and tickles her fishnet-stockinged feet!

June Cleaver never had problems like this! Tied up on a chair in her billowing red dress spotted with white polka-dots, beguiling MILF Cherie DeVille plays a 1950s-vintage housewife-in-distress! Matters become even more alarming for Cherie when she slips off her heels and slides off the chair, only to end up hogtied and barefoot; strips of duct tape cover the black cleave originally tied between Cherie's lips!

Most homeowners would call the cops when they find a costume party guest rifling their safe! But Brea Bennett prefers her own method of dealing with undercover op Amy Anderson: Once she has the luscious gypsy girl neatly bound with a black cloth tied over her lips, Brea whips out her cell phone so she can send pix of the captive to Amy's client! While waiting for a response, Brea bares wriggling Amy's breasts and feet, then uses her wicked fingers to make the brunette beauty miserable!

Somewhere far from home, harem girls Lena Shelby and Veronica Weston find themselves in a world of trouble! After ordering the frightened girls to dance, their cynical captor abruptly ends the performance and leaves leaves Lena and Veronica standing barefoot against a wall, their wrists, ankles and chests ruthlessly embraced by rope and their lips spread by knotted cleaves! When the colorfully clad entertainers slip to the floor and attempt to free themselves, they're thwarted with waist-ankle tethers!

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