Natalie's Not So Nice Wrapture!

Release Date: Dec.16.2011
Running Time: 0:46:46
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Natalie Nice, Melissa Jacobs, Judith Eufrat, Vanessa Veracruz, Karina White, Jade Salerno


It's not that Natalie's stopped being nice, it's just that she can't resist the temptation of a naked Melissa Jacobs standing almost motionless in yards of plastic wrap and swaths of black tape! Natalie doubles her pleasure after tape- gagging Melissa and stretching her out on the floor, first straddling the weakly- protesting captive for some close-up breast-fondling, then turning around to tease poor Melissa's ticklish bare soles with her fingernails!


While her slender naked body is being wrapped in plastic and duct tape, Judith Eufrat recognizes the precariousness of her position: she's trying to remain courageous but she's about to undergo a frightening interrogation! Once she's wrapped, gagged and pinned to a massage table with several more lengths of duct tape, Judith wriggles and squeals as her inquisitor subjects her breasts and soles to icy torment; the brave girl knows she can't hold out much longer!


As the enticing orbs of Vanessa Veracruz protrude from the plastic and duct tape confining her beautiful nude body, Karina White happily handles them, undeterred by the indignant squeals emanating from behind Vanessa's tape-gag! And once Karina lays her luscious package on a desk, her lust for Vanessa peaks as she straddles her and hungrily tongues sweet stiff nipples while the object of her desire moans and squirms!


The bitter taste of payback simmers in the tape-gagged mouth of Karina White after Vanessa's liberated and escapes! Thoroughly wrapped to a red lounge chair with yards of white tape pressing plastic against her naked body, Karina watches in alarm as the wrapping over her breasts and pussy is ripped asunder by a phantom captor!


Natalie's back again to feed her addiction to delectable girls wrapped and gagged with plastic and tape! The victim this time is tiny Jade Salerno, who's understandably intimidated by statuesque Natalie; whether Jade's vertical or horizontal, Natalie treats her like a helpless doll, toying with little breasts trapped under plastic and soft bare feet left vulnerable to her fingers! 


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