Four Naughty Nudes Play Knotty Games

Release Date: Jan.04.2016
Running Time: 0:49:38
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Jenna Ivory, Lena Shelby, Rose Ballentine

When Charlotte Stokely's partner surprises her canoodling in their bedroom with voluptuous Jenna Ivory, the guilty couple's roped into humiliating bondage play! Bound hand and foot, Charlotte kneels on the bed while Jenna reluctantly fondles her breasts and massages her pussy! Cleave-gagged Charlotte gasps in disbelief at her unexpected plight, then squeals after she's placed on her stomach so that Jenna can tickle and spank her! Next, Jenna takes on the submissive role after she's tied and tape-gagged on her knees; once Charlotte's freed from ropework, she's ordered to apply the same treatment to her girlfriend that she experienced. Just one addition -- she's commanded to wrap her lips around Jenna's bare toes while the ticklish blonde wriggles on her stomach!

Spousal revenge remains incomplete until Charlotte and Jenna are completely naked and share more restrictive bondage that first tethers them to the bed's headboard as they kneel face-to-face. Then, just as they had when they were bound solo, the tape-gagged duo ends up on their stomachs; wide-eyed and whimpering, Jenna and Charlotte arch in hogtied restraint under the satisfied gaze of a dominating spouse!

Rose Ballentine loves to make new friends, but her methods are anything but conventional; just ask Lena Shelby, who Rose brings home bound and naked -- don't expect an answer, though, because the ruthless redhead has wisely sealed her bewildered guest's lips with tape! Lena's soon standing completely subdued by rope while smirking Rose toys with her vulnerable body, first teasing her breasts, then snaking an invasive hand between her subject's legs! The innocent blonde's jeopardy becomes even more daunting after she's raised kneeling onto a chair so that Rose can mouth her bare soles and grope her bottom !

Rose couldn't be prouder of her new bondage toy so she invites a friend with similar tastes to observe her domination of Lena. Although he appreciates the sight, it so happens that he'd rather observe a certain leggy redhead writhing trussed and naked! Lena's more than happy to pay back her oppressor, so once an indignant Rose sits tape-gagged and powerless on a dining table, the former plaything delights in tweaking her nipples, then tilting her back to tickle her soft foot- bottoms and expose the embarrassed dom's pussy! A final unpleasant surprise arrives for Ms. Ballentine when her ropework's altered into a hogtie that raises her feet temptingly under Lena's fingers while she squirms on her stomach!

Lena's erroneous assumption that her spirited handling of ropebound Rose would be her ticket back to normality is proven wrong when she joins the subdued dom on the table. Gagged with duct tape now, Lena and Rose sit with their legs dangling over opposite sides of the table and strain against the rope that tethers them back-to-back as well as the one that links their bound ankles! To their dismay, Rose and Lena have become a bare-skinned pair conjoined for the voyeuristic pleasure of a man neither should have trusted. 

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