You Can't Escape These Ropes

Release Date: Jul.11.2016
Running Time: 0:50:30
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ember Stone, Violet October, Samantha Hayes, JoJo Kiss, Elle Alexandra, Summer Day, Aspen Rae

Ember Stone's a fugitive so she doesn't have time to shop for a dress; instead she snatches it from an intimidated Violet October! After donning Violet's dress but before going back on the run, Ember decides to enjoy some private time with the little blonde, who stands trussed-up in nothing but her panties and gagged with a black cleave! First fondling, then licking Violet's breasts, naughty Ember later sets her sights lower by sliding a hand under her plaything's panties before pulling them down to simplify her pussy- play! When she decides it's time to move on, Ember folds Violet into the armchair where she'd been relaxing only a short time before and leaves her to struggle!

Rarely have roles been so drastically reversed as when Violet hunts down Ember for a spectacular payback! Once she has the squirming bad girl bound on her stomach and tape- gagged, vengeful Violet tickles Ember's sensitive bare soles, then pulls down her sweat pants so she can turn her bottom pink with some loud spanking! But the best is yet to come (and so is Ember!); that arrives when Violet fully displays her dominant side by massaging Ember's pussy from behind. Although Ember writhes and squeals in protest at first, before long it's clear that she's aroused by Violet's sensual subjugation of her tender flesh! And Violet's still not done -- once a dazed Ember's sitting up on the couch, the energetic little blonde pulls down her top and treats her breasts to the same friendly fondling she experienced earlier! 

Life can change so quickly and unpredictably -- just ask lovely Samantha Hayes, who's curled up in a windowseat making a phone call one minute, then sitting tightly bound in the same space a few moments later! Her long brown hair flowing over the white ropes tautly coiled around her red patterned dress, Samantha's eyes plead compellingly above the black cleave spreading her lips as she twists in unyielding restraint! Samantha's painstaking effort to retrieve her phone and call for help is quickly thwarted, then the barefoot girl is lifted onto the seat with her legs roped close to her upper body in a fold-tie! 

Who doesn't enjoy a naked Kiss -- Jojo that is -- a shapely and undressed young lady placed in a precarious position that leaves her standing bound and supported by chain hanging above her head! The tape-gagged nude rotates and leans forward on tiptoe as she courageously tests the limits of her bondage, but Jojo has an invasive surprise coming -- a snug crotchrope that reminds her that, at least for the time being, she's merely a bondage toy held in restraint for the pleasure of her collector! 

It's impossible to know exactly what happened but the sight of an open safe behind three undressed damsels in distress at least provides a clue. Of course who cares about the safe when confronted by such an array of bound girl-flesh: foxy redhead Elle Alexandra, buxom blonde Summer Day and toned and tanned brunette Aspen Rae, a chair-tied trio silenced with microfoam tape! Unwilling to struggle alone, Aspen and Summer first turn back-to-back so they can tug at each other's wrist bonds, then athletic Aspen raises her legs and plucks at studious Summer's knee-ropes with her toes! None of their courageous ventures succeed, however, and Aspen winds up lying on the floor, where Summer and Elle stubbornly continue attempting to loosen her bonds with their feet! 

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