Ruthless Restraint For Hapless Heroines

Release Date: Jul.11.2016
Running Time: 0:47:45
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Aspen Rae, Summer Day, Elle Alexandra, JoJo Kiss, Samantha Hayes, Zoe Taylor, Ember Stone, Violet October

A turbulent day at the security guard station begins when eccentric cat- burglar Elle Alexandra drops in to surprise guards Aspen Rae and Summer Day, who she secures to their chairs with plastic ties and phone cords! After gagging and blindfolding Aspen and Summer, Elle heads off to search for more loot, but she's in for a shock when she returns because the slippery guards have freed themselves! Once Elle's restrained and silenced, the guards engage in payback play but their victory's short-lived. Subdued by a more careful thief, Summer and Aspen writhe in bondage alongside Elle, their shirts unbuttoned and breasts bared! 

JoJo Kiss is neatly dressed in blouse and skirt, her curvy body neatly bound with rope and her lips neatly sealed with tape, but the bed she's seated on is messily strewn with the contents of her purse. When the resourceful girl notices her phone protruding from the purse, JoJo kicks off her shoes and grasps it with her stockinged feet! But before she can get her message out to potential rescuers, JoJo's interrupted by unsympathetic felons and unceremoniously placed on her stomach. Legs drawn up and hitched to the ropes around her arms, a squirming JoJo discovers the many disadvantages of being hogtied! 

Poor Samantha Hayes -- she tried to be a loyal friend by revealing disturbing information about a common acquaintance and now she's cornered behind her piano by the vengeful woman! After she's removed from her hiding-place, gentle samantha's roped to a chair with multiple strands of tan cord while her pleas for mercy are muffled by microfoam tape! Vigorous struggling fails to disrupt the rope network, though Samantha's bare feet slip from her heels; her harrowing experience reaches a climax when her breasts are exposed! 

Innocent wide-eyed blondes like Zoe Taylor don't expect to become damsels in distress, but there's Zoe writhing bound and gagged on her bed! She's demure and stylish in a light- blue blouse, black skirt, glistening grey pumps and pantyhose, but it's the carefully-knotted ropes and cleave-gag that trump the garments for this secretary in trouble. Zoe's conservative appearance presents too much of a temptation to ignore, so before long her shoes disappear and her blouse is opened; after bare-breasted Zoe's tethered on her hip in stockinged feet, her range of mobility shrinks even further! 

What a pathetic sight -- two petite friends trussed-up and tape- gagged in their neat blouses and skirts! Seated facing each other on a couch, dark-haired Ember Stone and blonde Violet October at first struggle tentatively, but soon Violet slips off her shoes and tries to loosen Ember's ankle bonds with her bare toes! Before long they're sitting back-to-back on the edge of the couch tugging at the ropes pinning their wrists together. But when they're caught by the hard-hearted intruders, Ember and Violet are moved from couch to coffee table, where they arch their small bodies in hogtied restraint! 

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