Thrilling Bondage Dramas!

Release Date: Jun.01.2012
Running Time: 0:46:18
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Andie Valentino, Tiffany Brookes, Sandy Summers, Jamie Lynn, Nissa Lang, Ann Marie, Lena Shelby

Is it the pleading look in their eyes? Or their plaintive, muffled cries? Or could it be their awkward but energetic rope-constrained struggles? Whatever draws you into the peril-filled world of the helpless heroine, you'll find exemplified in the poignant plight of luscious, bra-and-panty-clad Andie Valentino, ruthlessly hogtied Tiffany Brookes, tiny trussed-up blonde Sandy Summers, ball-gagged, hogtied and topless Jamie Lynn, classy, bare-breasted captive Nissa Lang, naked and indignant fantasy prisoner Ann Marie, and ball-tied blonde starlet Lena Shelby!

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