Dressed Up For Bondage

Release Date: Oct.18.2013
Running Time: 0:49:18
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ashley Rose, Linzy Cross, Tiffany Marshall, Gulliana Alexis, Sophie Nova, Niki Lee Young

Bound with white rope and gagged with white tape, Ashley Rose stands in the corner, a captive in her minidress! Before long, big and beautiful Ashley's folded down to size with a hogtie that leaves her lying on a bed; Ashley's high heels kick in the air until the pumps are removed and her soles are bared.

Party-bound in an eye-catching blue and black floral print dress plus matching high-heeled sandals, Linzy Cross is shocked to find herself bound with no hope of partying! Ropes around Linzy's wrists, chest, waist, knees and ankles keep the indignant girl in her place; even Linzy's sandals are tied onto her feet. The tape-gagged captive strenuously tests her restraint while rolling around on a couch but Linzy's staying home for the evening!

Tiffany Marshall possesses many charming qualities, but it's clearly her naked feet that obsess her captor. Wearing a stylish purple dress, trussed up and tape-gagged Tiffany squirms on a couch after her peep-toed pumps are removed and her big toes are tied, then completes her journey into helplessness after she's hogtied with a string linking wrist ropes and toe-tie.

Shirt, shorts and sandals provide Gulliana Alexis with a comfortable warm- weather outfit but the ropes binding the exotic beauty to a tree impact her small body in a much less pleasant fashion. Gagged with a black cleave, Gulliana twists unhappily in her bondage as she stands pinned to the tree; duct tape covering the knotted cloth later increases the gag's muffling capacity.

Flame-haired Sophie Nova's mint-green gauzy dress perfectly complements her porcelain skin and red-nailed toes thrust into pink slip-off heeled sandals. The only jarring note's produced by the black rope wound tightly around Sophie's elegantly veiled body and the strips of black tape sealing her lips! Vigorous struggling by the plucky British bird briefly loosens the rope anchoring her to the couch, but Sophie's futile bid for freedom ends with the prisoner tethered barefoot on her hip.

Niki Lee Young threw on a tight pink T-shirt and high-riding denim shorts for a day of fun that never happened. That's because Niki was detoured into bondage that restrained the toe-tied blonde on the floor by folding her legs with a taut waist-ankle tether. Mouth-packing held in place by a tightly clinging self- adhesive wraparound gag effectively stifled Niki's cries for help.

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