Torrid Tales of Costume Bondage

Release Date: Dec.30.2011
Running Time: 0:55:1
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Jade Salerno, Rilee Marks, Randy Moore, Marlena Morgan, Sophia Jade, Odette Michelle, Layla Rose

Colorfully-costumed, masked and thigh-booted superheroines Jade Salerno and Rilee Marks struggle bound and tape-gagged after Dangerous Diva crashes the set of their internet adventure series!


Who better to play a sexy buccaneer girl than Randy Moore, who's trussed with hemp rope and cleave-gagged with black cloth! First tied standing with arms spread overhead, Randy's hands are later tied behind her back and her breasts exposed!


Hot enough to entice a sultan, Malena Morgan promises to fulfill everyone's fantasies after the skimpily-clad and sandaled harem girl is tied up and cleave-gagged by her master!


A black cleave snug between her crimson lips, exotic French Maid Sophia Jade squirms in captivity, her bare-breasted body restrained by ropes that pinion her arms and forcefully curve her red-fishnetted legs!


Ski Bunny Odette Michelle's Christmas vacation gets off to a rocky start when the blonde sprite's roped up by intruders, who tie a bandanna in her mouth and leave her to struggle and squeal!


Layla Rose plans to give her firefighter boyfriend a great birthday surprise by arranging to have herself bound and gagged in a colorful costume that imitates his uniform! Once good friend Nikki ties Layla on the patio and cleaves her lips with cloth, she can't resist spicing the surprise by liberating those amazing boobs!


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