Topless Rope Restraint

Release Date: Apr.20.2012
Running Time: 0:52:1
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Elle Alexandra, Sohley Rivera, Kobe Lee, Yurizan Beltran, Jade Salerno, Zoey Foxx, Dani Daniels

Securely bound with strands of black rope and gagged with a black cleave, porcelain- skinned Elle Alexandra looks very vulnerable as she squirms on the floor in nothing but white panties! Aroused by the helpless girl's plight, sultry Sohley Rivera fondles Elle and menaces her with spike-heeled boots!

When did Kobe Lee sense that things were going very wrong for her: When she was left wearing nothing but her panties? When her wrists and ankles were tightly tied and her bare breasts were forcefully framed with rope? When she was pushed onto her stomach and her cross-ankled bare feet drawn up and linked to her chest ropes in an efficient hogtie? Or when a yellow ball-gag was fastened between her lips? Kobe's not talking!

Gagged with a blue ball and restrained with black rope, sizzling nude hostage Yurizan Beltran rolls about freely on a bed until she's hogtied! Her movements curtailed and eyes pleading, Yurizan begins to grasp the depth of her captivity!

Standing naked, gagged and bound, petite prisoners Jade salerno and Zoey Foxx become the helpess playthings of a depraved individual who orders them to rub their breasts together and kiss each other's duct- tape gags! Once he's enjoyed Jade and Zoey's contortions for several minutes, their evil captor places them on the floor, wrists tethered to ankles, then leaves them to twist and squeal!

Luscious Dani Daniels experiences an unusual bondage when the bare-breasted beauty's roped on her back to a wooden bench! Gagged with duct tape, her wrists tied separately to her knees and bare feet entwined with rope, Dani wriggles apprehensively as she wonders about what could happen next!

Watch out, Sohley Rivera, it's pay-back time and Elle Alexandra is out for plenty of it! With her one-time tormentor stripped to her panties and lying frog-tied on her back, hands tied above her head, Elle shows off her dominant side as Sohley whimpers behind a cleave-gag! Sohley's breasts receive most attention from avenging Elle, highlighted by nipple- licking that leaves the captive girl with mixed emotions!

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