Forbidden Freedom

Release Date: Dec.30.2011
Running Time: 0:54:5
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Elle Alexandra, Marlena Morgan


Elle Alexandra escaped a forced marriage to a depraved old man with the help of her friend Malena Morgan, but one day her past came back to haunt both innocent young women!


After forcing Elle to phone Malena, her estranged husband roughly binds the frightened girl and tapes her mouth! When Malena arrives, Elle desperately tries to warn her of danger, but the viper strikes, throws the lovely young woman to the floor, then ties and gags her as well! As his wide- eyed and helpless victims sit side-by-side, their vicious tormentor threatens to punish them for defying his will!


Stripped naked, Elle and Malena stand bound and gagged on a platform while their captor rants and forces them to confirm their evil natures by rubbing their breasts against each other! Their energy waning, the girls sink onto the floor, where they struggle while the heartless man continues to taunt them!

Bondage becomes more stringent for the tape-gagged prisoners when they're hogtied next to each other, Elle on a couch and Malena on a leather ottoman! As they twist and strain against the black ropes holding them in a ruthless embrace, their naked bodies are more starkly exposed than ever, which escalates the old man's deranged arousal!

A monstrous scheme nears its conclusion with Elle lying ball-tied on her back, hands tied under her knees! While the courageous young woman continues to murmur defiantly through the tape sealing her lips, her tormentor forces Malena, now untied, to fondles Elle's breasts, suck her toes and, ultimately, bring her to orgasm with a vibrator!


For his final outrage, Elle's nemesis removes her ropes -- but only so she can subject Malena's naked body to the same humiliating acts that had been performed on her! As a frog-tied Malena whimpers through her tape-gag, an emotionally-numbed Elle squeezes her nipples, then presses the vibrator against her friend's vulnerable pussy until she's jolted into orgasm! His twisted version of justice triumphant, the vengeful man leaves Malena writhing on her stomach after dragging Elle back into subjugation! 


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