Fantasy Costumed Captives

Release Date: Dec.07.2012
Running Time: 0:53:59
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Nikki Scott, Lena Shelby, Cassie Laine, Keira Kelly, Aaliyah Love, Jen Martin, Brooklyn Chase

What's likely to happen when two hot-tempered, self-involved divas discover that they've both costumed themselves as naughty schoolgirls for the biggest party of the year? A loud and physical confrontation ensues, of course, but the noisy drama Lena Shelby and Nikki Scott enact is curbed by a third party who ensures that she'll be the only brat at the party by tying and gagging the bitchy blondes and hitching them to a heavy wooden cabinet! As a final humiliating touch, she opens up their blouses to expose plenty of Lena's and Nikki's heaving breasts!

Tough chick Keira Kelly delights in mocking her helpless prisoner, bound and gagged little harem-girl Cassie Laine! Cassie plays along by straining warily against her bonds and eyeing Keira fearfully but she has a shock in store for her captor: Cassie's a genuine genie! After she allows Keira to briefly enjoy the thrill of domination, she simply wrinkles her nose and turns the scenario upside down! Morphed into the harem costume, the astonished redhead struggles desperately in bondage while Cassie laughs at her gyrations!

After a grueling day on the job, special-duty nurse Aaliyah Love rightfully expects an evening of relaxation; instead she's immediately trussed up and tape-gagged on her return home! Resouceful Aaliyah searches for a way out of her plight, but the situation deteriorates further when she's hogtied on her brown leather coffee-table and writhes on her stomach, white-stockinged feet kicking futilely in the air!

All aboard the time machine as Nikki Nefarious concocts a light- hearted historical tribute to Bettie Page! Wearing a black corset over leopard-print lingerie and high heels, Bettie-impersonator Jen Martin's bound kneeling on a platform, her chest bonds tethered above her to a hanging chain. Nikki's big-haired glamour-queen adds to Jen's distress by recklessly maneuvering the bound girl in her semi-suspension and tickling her bare feet while she squeals behind a wide black over-mouth gag!

It's a dark day for country-style barmaid Brooklyn Chase, whose white dirndl top's criss-crossed with black rope and whose lips are sealed with shiny black tape! Semi-suspended by a rope connection to overhead rings, Brooklyn twists and turns unhappily as she stands in her high heels. She's even unhappier after malicious hands expose her breasts and bare her feet to emphasize her subjection to an upper-class captor!

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