Naked Tickle Fun

Release Date: Jan.02.2015
Running Time: 0:45:7
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Summer Brielle, Amanda Tate, Phoebe Queen, Sara Luvv, Staci Carr, Aubrey Star, Aria Spencer, Whitney Westgate

Summer Brielle merely wanted a soothing massage but what she got from scheming masseuse Amanda Tate was anything but relaxing! Watch the boobs bounce and listen to the high-pitched squeals after Amanda ties down busty nude Summer on the massage table and tickles her from head to toe! 

With a little help from a friend, Summer makes Amanda pay for her outrageous behavior. Stripped of her garb, the mischievous masseuse now lies bound to the table, her hands tied above her head, knees separted but feet tied together. Taking advantage of Amanda's vulnerability, vengeful Summer tickles her soles and inner thighs as well as her ribs and underarms! 

Adorable Phoebe Queen's got it all -- she's cute, she's sexy and she's ticklish! So who could blame a certain hooded menace for acquainting his fingertips with giggling Phoebe's armpits, tummy and soles? And when feisty Sara Luvv intrudes and tries to rescue her little friend, the Hood doubles his pleasure by maximizing the tickle potential of two tied and squealing nudes!

It seems almost unfair that someone as pretty as Staci Carr should bear the curse of ticklishness, but we understand that sympathy's in short supply. Tied up on her tummy, Staci giggles noisily when marauding fingernails dance over her arching foot-bottoms, then tantalize her round butt before journeying up her bare torso and discovering new sources of sensation under her chin! 

Pint-sized Aubrey Star has a pair of the cutest little feet you're ever going to see, and man are they ticklish! Bound hand and foot, Aubrey lies naked on her stomach and wails as her curvaceous soles are scourged by vibrating fingers; she's nearly as loud and agitated when those fingers explore her ribs and underarms!

Whitney Westgate exudes a certain mellow quality so even when she's energetically tickling luscious Latina Aria Spencer, there's a feeling of playful innocence about the whole situation. Of course, Aria might beg to differ if she could stop gasping and squirming while Whitney's fingernails activate the nerve endings of her sensitive sculpted soles and vulnerable body! 

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