Ghost Hunters In Bondage

Release Date: Apr.13.2012
Running Time: 0:44:9
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Natasha Warner, Gabrielle Reed

Paranormal researchers encounter ghosts with ropes!

The research project's co-ordinator warns intrepid volunteers Natasha Warner and Gabrielle Reed that disturbing phenomena at this apparently sedate house they'll be investigating has driven out three families in recent months! Undaunted, the young women get to work, but soon encounter inexplicable obstacles. As Natasha wields an energy-field measuring device in one of the bedrooms, she's mysteriously subdued by an unearthly force that instantaneously wraps her in ropes and separates her lips with a folded white cloth! Standing hopelessly restrained, the bewildered girl gingerly tests her bonds until she topples onto the bed and wriggles barefoot on her stomach.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle's been entranced by a room bursting with malignant energy symbolized by the snarling bearskin rug covering an antique bed! Like her colleague, the petite brunette's mesmerized into bondage that pinions her to the bedpost in the blink of an eye. A knotted cloth stifling her astonished murmurs, Gabrielle writhes futilely until she's magically catapulted onto the bed, where she rolls about frantically on the bearskin!

Despite their ankle ropes, Natasha and Gabrielle simultaneously hop from the bedrooms and eye each other in amazement when they meet! After awkward efforts to free each other fail, the girls stand wide-eyed and incredulous when their restraints disappear as unexpectedly as they'd first appeared. Once she can speak, Gabrielle insists that they leave the house immediately, but Natasha refuses to be intimidated and convinces her trembling partner to remain committed to the project.

As it turns out, Natasha would have been wise to heed Gabrielle's advice; when they continue to grapple with the infernal energy focused in the house, both girls suffer even more uncomfortable bondage! Cleave- gagged with a bandanna and hands bound behind her, Natasha's forced to straddle a narrow wooden bench before the helpless blonde's legs are drawn up and trussed together so that her bare soles can be tormented by an invisible tickler!

Undoubtedly wishing she'd fled at the first opportunity, Gabrielle writhes on the boards of a miniature stage, her unwelcome starring role consisting primarily of emitting angry grunts through the bandanna stuffed in her mouth and tugging pathetically against the ropes that tether her into almost complete immobility!

Weary and frightened, Natasha and Gabrielle sit together on a leather- topped coffee table, their slender bodies rigorously roped and their lips sealed with duct tape! Understandably worried about what may befall them next, these prisoners of the supernatural have barely begun to explore the latest stage of their ordeal when they materialize on the floor, their legs doubly roped together at the ankles. Several more minutes of fruitless struggling by Natasha and Gabrielle ensue until their freedom is finally granted to them after their unrelenting ropework once again dissolves into nothingness! This time Natasha doesn't require any more prodding from her friend; both soon-to-be former ghost-hunters rapidly exit the house and don't look back!

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