Beautiful Girls In A Tight Bind

Release Date: Mar.21.2014
Running Time: 0:41:35
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: andy Moore, Cherie DeVille, Cassie Laine, Natasha White, Cali Logan

Naked girlfriends Randy Moore and Cherie Deville awake to a nightmare that forces them to kneel ball-gagged and crotch-roped on their own bed! Hitched to the head of the bed, Randy and Cherie writhe side-by-side in taut black ropework that accentuates the vulnerability of the breasts and pussies, then wriggle on their stomachs after their bare feet are tethered to the woodwork!

Nude sprite Cassie Laine huddles in captivity on a lounge; her wrists and ankles are crossed and bound, her breasts framed with rope and her lips sealed with duct tape. Cassie's tiny bare feet rise into prominence when the whimpering little prisoner is rolled onto her stomach so her legs can be tethered to the backrest of the lounge.

Although she's dressed for summertime fun in sandals and a floor- length shoulderless dress, Natasha White never gets out of the house after she's grabbed by a giant captor! Chest-to-ankle patterned ropework that contours the gown to her small body renders Natasha helpless while strips of white tape stifle her pleas for help. Ordered to stand at first, Natasha's later lowered to the floor, where her sandals are removed and toes tied.

Stylishly dressed in a flowery top, frilly black skirt and peep-toe pumps, buxom Barbie Edwards glowers at her captors as she stands trussed up, ball-gagged and anchored by a vertical rope connection. Barbie mumbles protests and twists vigorously on her bare feet when her shoes are removed and her bra's exposed.

Cali Logan is the center of unwanted attention as she sits on a table in the middle of the room, her small naked body nearly immobilized by an aggressively rigged ball-tie! Her eyes flickering fearfully around her, Cali moans meekly behind the duct tape sealing her lips and wriggles toes that have been tied together to complete her restraint. Cali's ordeal continues when she lies on her side, a position that offers new perspecives on her bare soles and pussy.

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