Angel Dark's Bondage Debut

Release Date: Apr.16.2011
Running Time: 0:48:30
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Angel Dark, Jazy Berlin

Adult superstar Angel Dark discovers the sensual vulnerability of bondage!



Innocently clad in pink polka-dot bra and panties, but radiating sexual allure, Angel invites Nikki Nefarious to initiate her into the world of bondage! Nikki responds eagerly by securely and artistically binding Angel, then sealing her mouth with silver duct tape! Aware now that she's entirely at Nikki's mecy, Angel pleads to be released, but the rope- mistress has other plans -- beginning with exposing Angel's ample breasts so she can fondle them! Seated in an arm-chair, her ankles tethered to the chair-leg, Angel squirms and waits apprehensively for Nikki's next move!

She doesn't have long to wait because Nikki wants Angel naked and helpless! So she trusses the sizzling sex star into a nude lotus position on her bed before gagging Angel with an unusual stocking-and-cloth cleave! As Angel tests her bonds and struggles into awkward contortions that leave her spread-legged, she's flooded with contradictory sensations of excitement and anxiety that escalate when she's accosted by a mysterious male!

Weaving a rope lattice around Angel's marvelous body that focuses attention on her naked pussy, Nikki attaches her captive to a cabinet with her hands tied separately above her head! White tape seals Angel's lips and muffles the pleas for release that she directs to a gleeful Nikki as she writhes indignantly!


Angel's first bondage excursion ends as she wriggles in a nude ball on the floor, her wrists roped to her ankles, her mouth once again covered with silver tape! The mystery man materializes once more to pay his respects after taping Angel's bare feet together! Angel's ordeal ends after hours of physical and psychological exertion, but we believe that Angel Dark will soon be bound and gagged again!

If you think it's time to get your pulse-count back to normal, forget it! We're happy to introduce another exciting newcomer -- dynamic blonde Jazy Berlin plays a young lady who becomes a gagged and bound captive simply because she's in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Relaxing with her boyfriend, Jazy's shocked when a strange women bursts into the room exclaiming about a successful robbery! Before poor Jazy knows what hit her, she's sitting bound and cleave-gagged on the floor while her embarrassed boyfriend and his partner-in-crime argue about her fate! To her horror, her guy leaves her alone with the sneering woman, who immediately pulls down her top and threatens her with an alarming future!


Matters go from bad to worse for poor Jazy, who kneels naked, tightly trussed and tape-gagged on the floor, thanks to her ruthless captor! Abandoned by her man, Jazy's then pushed onto her stomach and hogtied by the burglar girl, who obviously enjoys her work! While the innocent young beauty wriggles pathetically, her tormentor announces a plan that chills Jazy to the bone! 


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need more Angel Dark


angel Dark is really sexy in this film. Would love to see more of her.