You're My Bound and Gagged Prisoner

Release Date: Oct.07.2011
Running Time: 0:41:12
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Hannah Thurman, Christine Kazan, Marie French, Crissy Moran, Sue Diamond, Sarah Blake, Kristal Davis, Zoe LaSalle, Holly Lane

Eavesdropping may bring severe penalties, as gorgeous chambermaid Hannah Thurman discovers when she overhears Marie French plotting to rob their employers! Determined to pull off the crime, Marie seizes poor Hannah, ties her to a stool and gags her! Hannah has no answer to Marie's aggression at the time, but later pays back the pretty brunette with interest! Quiet little Sarah Blake relives her high-school nightmares when her long-ago tormentor Madison Moore pays an unwelcome visit, forces her to strip to bra and panties, takes her clothes, then leaves her bound and gagged on the bathroom floor! Kristal Davis, Christina Kazan, Zoe Lasalle, Holly Lane, Sue Diamond. 

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