Hijacked Model Shoot

Release Date: Apr.16.2011
Running Time: 0:45:39
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Sophie Nova, Claire Daniels


So Nikki and I got wind about this fancy pin-up photographer doing a photo shoot with Sophie Nova and Claire Daniels -- two snooty little models who said they'd NEVER work for us! Prissy little bitches thought they were too precious to get tied up and gagged! Believe me, once we took over the shoot, they learned a real hard lesson!


My girl Nikki gave the photog a little love-tap that put him in dreamland for several hours, then we jumped Sophie and Claire, trussing up the squealing little sluts while our video guy got all the action! They were dressed up as sexy little maids so they sure looked hot as they squirmed around on the floor making angry noises around the gags we'd tied in their mouths! Once they got over the initial shock, you could see the fear in their eyes -- very cool!


Maybe they were scared because they could guess what was coming! We made Claire strip out of her outfit, then Nikki tied her real tight, with a rope splitting her pussy and tape over her mouth! Sophie was untied and got to keep her clothes on -- for awhile -- but we made her grope Claire, stroke her body, pinch her nipples and yank on the crotch-rope! It was great because both of them hated getting that friendly with each other!


Next we gave Sophie a real taste of humiliation -- and Claire's feet, later on! -- by tying her naked on the floor and ball-gagging her, then ordering Claire to play with her the same way Sophie had done earlier! Once we'd seen enough of that action, we removed Sophie's ball-gag and strongly suggested to Claire that she use her toes to replace the gag! Claire protested, but we reminded her that things could get much worse for both of them if they crossed us! So, even though Claire made faces, she followed orders and jammed her feet in Sophie's mouth while the little redhead twisted and gagged!


Time to get the girls really up close and personal so we made both of them kneel naked on chairs, then bound them tit-to-tit! Nice tight swaths of black rope criss-crossing all that soft pink flesh and topped off with ball-gags! Don't struggle so hard that you fall off the chairs, ladies, and be sure to whimper for the camera! Sophie and Claire sure didn't like us, but I have to admit that they could take direction!


Props to our KO'd photographer for finding a great location with a swimming pool, so we took advantage by finishing off Claire and Sophie poolside in the sizzling sunshine! No shock that they weren't so enthusiastic since we'd hogtied them and kept their mouths full with those handy little rubber balls! Poor little gals wriggling around on their stomachs, sweating and moaning; I almost felt sorry for them! Not so sorry that I could resist having some fun with them, though: I yelled to Nikki that we should shoot them before we split! Their eyes got really wide and they amped up the noise and then we just sprayed them with squirt-guns; what a laugh! We did pack up and leave after that; no need to untie our starlets this time since we heard the photographer coming to and, even with a headache, he could do the job! Best photo shoot EVER! 


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