Ticklish, Gigglish Girls

Release Date: Mar.15.2013
Running Time: 0:48:24
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Megan Salinas, Brooklyn Chase, Bailey Blue, Erika Jordan, Lyla Storm, Zoey Paige, Zarena Summers, Britney Lace, Sohley Rivera, Kimberly Gates

Five things you should know about Megan Salinas: 1) she's 5 feet-3 inches tall; 2) her curvaceous little body is all natural; 3) many areas of that fine body, especially above the waist, are quite sensitive and will cause Megan to make loud noises when agitated by fingertips; 4) she has shapely size-6 bare feet; 5) the soft soles of those feet also contain explosive nerve endings that leave Megan excruciatingly vulnerable to the tickling fingers of Brooklyn Chase!

Bailey Blue's amazing arches drew Erika Jordan like a magnet, then flexed and wriggled under Erika's tireless fingers while trussed-up Bailey lay giggling on her stomach! Naughty Ms.Jordan also found time to torment Bailey's ribs and tummy, but her hands kept straying back to those unique bare feet!

Retribution for Erika arrived in the person of that Hooded Creep(er), who clinically examined nerve endings up and down her body to the tune of agonized laughter from the lady who'd made Bailey squeal! Once more naked feet were the focus of the tickling experience, as the avenger maneuvered the protesting Erika into a variety of awkward positions that exposed her soles to maximum misery!

Lyla Storm's a tough chick but when towering Zoey Paige tied her naked and backed her into the corner for a session of tickle torture, Lyla shrieked for mercy! That's a quality Zoey doesn't possess, which she proved by tossing her captive on the floor and fingernailing Lyla's defenseless soles!

Britney Lace was dressed in sweater, skirt and boots, while Zarena Summers was barefoot in lingerie so it was an easy decision for tickle-instigators to rope Zarena's wrists and ankles, then encourage Britney to see how much squealing and squirming she could produce by dancing her fingers up and down the restrained girl's body!

Kimberly Gates was having a great time tickling bound victim Sohley Rivera's vulnerable naked soles when a hooded character butted in. Not only did he push Kimberly aside and make Solhey squeal even louder, but the greedy man also tied up Kimberly so his flashing fingers could cause two ticklish girls to bounce side-by-side on the bed!

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