Initiation Into Domination

Release Date: Apr.16.2011
Running Time: 0:47:41
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Susan Ray, Nikki Nefarious

 If you're a kinky guy about to take that big matrimonial leap, wouldn't it be logical to make sure that your lovely bride won't run to dial 911 when you break out the ropes and gags on the honeymoon? That's why Susan Ray's fiance brought her to Mistress Nikki for a little B&D 101!



Swaths of hemp rope strategically encircle leggy Susan's ankles and thighs, while her wrists are bound behind her and a chest harness compresses her colorful striped top! Susan's first experience of a gag arrives with multiple strips of silver duct tape sealing her mouth; bewildered at first by the restrictiveness of her bondage, the lithe blonde soon rolls energetically on the dungeon floor!


Susan takes a big step into submission when she's divested of her clothing! A hemp latticework clings to her body and frames her bare pussy, a dark cloth cleaves her quivering lips and ropes bind her ankles separately to a horizontal bar after Nikki shoves the defenseless naked girl into a cage where she strains against her bonds!


Nikki escalates the physical and mental challenge of Susan's initiation by tightening the hemp around her elbows as well as her wrists, thighs and ankles, then hogtying the tape-gagged nude on a wicked double-level bondage bench! Poor Susan can barely move and her whimpers would soften the heart of anyone witnessing her plight -- except Nikki, of course!


Determined to stay the course of this ruthless introduction to the world of bondage domination, Susan surrenders to a suspension that leaves her naked body rotating helplessly several feet above the floor! Pushed to her limit at last, Susan pleads for release through her tape gag to a scornful Nikki!


As she sits bare-skinned and bound to a stool, an exhausted Susan eagerly awaits her fiance's return! She's relieved to know that her torment's almost over, but worried that Nikki might be concealing a final cruel surprise! Finally, her man stands over her, about to peel the duct tape from her lips and ask if she still wants to be his wife -- what will Susan answer? 


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