Four TIGHT Tie Up's For Ashlyn

Release Date: Apr.16.2011
Running Time: 0:39:7
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ashyln Jameson


A 5-2 charmer with eyes of blue, Ashlyn Jameson's a bubbly brunette who'll win your heart with her energetic efforts as a damsel in distress! So feast your eyes on these four superbly crafted bondages designed to test Ashlyn's determination to escape despite the heavy odds against her!


A captive sprite in a colorful dress, Ashlyn writhes in her chair against endless strands of taut white cord! Ashlyn's hands are bound in front, but those busy little fingers will never reach her tape gag because her arms and chest are strictly secured!


Seized outdoors where she's been cavorting in a sweater and denim shorts, Ashlyn's brought inside where she wages a hopeless battle against a formidably designed hogtie! Strips of duct tape minimize Ashlyn's protests as the petite heroine squirms on her stomach!


Ashlyn's a sexy little bride detoured from the altar by a crazed rival who immobilizes her with strands of black rope that mock the purity of her white wedding dress! Desperate to free herself, Ashlyn squeals through a self-adhesive tape gag and attempts to shuffle toward a cel phone before being squelched by her nemesis!


Adventurous Ashlyn gets more than she bargained for when she meets a kinky bartender at her vacation resort! Trussed -up in her bikini on top of the bar, Ashlyn pleads for release, but instead receives several strips of tape over her mouth! Lusting for a better look at her bare soles, the booze jockey later suspends Ashlyn's shapely legs! 


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