Barefoot Blondes In Bondage

Release Date: Apr.16.2011
Running Time: 0:59:27
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Aimee Addison, Ashley Jane, Claire Adams


They came for Ashley Jane first. Claire and Damon expertly trussed the tiny blonde into an inescapable ball-tie after taping her mouth! The first object of their revenge now rendered helpless, they departed -- but grimly promised the terrified Ashley that they would soon return with her best friend!


The vengeful couple pounced on Aimee Addison while she was peacefully exercising. Roped into an excruciating folded lotus-tie, Aimee whimpered through her tape gag and squirmed feebly before Claire and Damon whisked her off into dual captivity with Ashley!


Aimee and Ashley were not dewy-eyed innocents. Dazzled by dollars, each girl had accepted a fat envelope of cash from the sinister Mr. H. in return for testifying against Damon! The trial ended with Damon's conviction and imprisonment; Mr. H. was left to reap all the profits from their shady partnership! But Claire wouldn't rest until she broke Damon out of prison -- now the two captive blondes were about to pay dearly for their perjury!


The black-clad avengers had only one question: "Where is Mister H.?" Stripped to their panties, Aimee and Ashley knelt with their hands and feet bound and pleaded that they knew nothing of his whereabouts! Claire and Damon were skeptical about their captives' truthfulness but decided to search for answers on their own. To secure the girls while they were investigating, the ruthless couple cleave-gagged them harshly, then roped them tautly face-down so that even the slightest movement became an ordeal! Fear filled their eyes as Aimee and Ashley strained pathetically against the unforgiving ropes, but they were still completely immobilized when Claire and Damon returned hours later!


Their contacts had supplied no information about Mr. H. so Damon and Claire visited their frustration on the defenseless prisoners by roping them naked and spread-legged on hard wooden stools! Before their lips were sealed with white tape, Ashley and Aimee once again swore that they were clueless about the elusive villain's location! But a seething Damon warned them that he was not convinced and that the girls would have a final chance to consider their plight before he'd question them one more time! Frightened, exhausted and humiliated, Aimee and Ashley eyed each other hopelessly, both wishing that they'd never heard of Mr. H!


To jog their memories, Damon and Claire devised a rigorous bondage that made the girls to kneel face to face on chairs, then roped them uncomfortably to the metal frame of a dining table. Once again Damon interrogated the captives; once again, they pathetically denied any knowledge -- until Ashley haltingly grasped at an obscure reference Mr. H had made when he gave the girls their payoffs! Damon's eyes lit up at once -- words that were meaningless to Ashley obviously held great significance for him! He and Claire swiftly silenced the girls with duct tape, then raced out to verify his suspicions! Left cruelly restrained, Aimee and Ashley writhed futilely against bonds that defeated their desperate but feeble efforts to escape! Although they couldn't speak, both knew what the other was thinking: were their captors going to return, and what would happen when they did?


To their relief and surprise, Damon was in a forgiving mood. Delighted that he'd been able to verify Mr. H.'s hideaway, he and Claire freed Aimee and Ashley from their painful restraint, then simply roped their nude bodies together, legs interlocked, and gagged them with strips of cloth! Still menacing, Damon reminded them that he could have dealt with their treachery more harshly, but that it was time for he and Claire to focus on the ultimate source of his troubles! After they left, the bound and gagged blondes wriggled against each other, awkwardly aware of their sweat-sheened bodies' proximity! Embarrassed, drained, traumatized -- but survivors of a terrifying confrontation! 


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