Ryan's Post Christmas Bondage Blues

Release Date: Jan.16.2017
Running Time: 0:47:2
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ryan Ryans, Kylie Page, Vanessa Veracruz, Kara Faux, Jenna Sativa

Just a slight failure to communicate: Lovely singer Ryan Ryans believed that she'd be the entertainer at a Christmas party, but she'd actually been lured to be the bound and gagged entertainment for a party of one! Deprived of her clothing, toe- tied Ryan writhed in naked bondage before a sparkling Christmas tree, her indignant protests silenced by strips of bright red tape! To complete the holiday package, Ryan's legs were folded close to her chest and numerous festive red bindings were added to her beautiful body!

Busty newcomer Kylie Page was also transformed into a naked Christmas ornament when she was efficiently trussed-up and left struggling toe-tied and tape-gagged in front of the tree! Despite her seductive squirming, cute blonde Kylie remained a mouth-watering rope-bound present; after she was hogtied, holiday celebrators were rewarded with the gift of Kylie's curvaceous bare soles and bottom! 

Missing presents, light-fingered chambermaids, ropework discipline -- a simple explanation for why the colorfully-clad, tightly-tied and tape-gagged Vanessa Veracruz and Kara Faux were seated on a couch next to the Christmas tree! Although they mumbled denials of guilt through the duct-tape covering their lips, Kara and Vanessa's unsympathetic employer left them twisting and straining side-by-side. The bound and gagged maids' unmerry Christmas turned humiliating after their breasts and feet were bared; curled up on the carpet, Vanessa and Kara wondered if they'd be free before New Year's!

The workplace became a bondage-place for Jenna Sativa after she lost her clothes and was seated bound, gagged and naked on the edge of her desk! When Jenna tried to escape her perch by reaching out to a nearby chair with her bare feet, she was repositioned so that she stood tethered against the desk. Jenna's cleave-gag was replaced by tape and a crotch-rope reminded the squirming little nude that she was no longer in charge of the office! 

The amazing Ryan Ryans was a vision out of film noir as she posed barefoot on a bed in her black slip! But Ryan's role turned noirish indeed after the photographer's jealous wife subjected the gorgeous blonde to vengeful bondage! Step by step, as the innocent beauty trembled on her knees, she was tightly bound, gagged with duct- tape, her rope-framed breasts bared and a crotch-rope secured over her black panties! Once Ryan was powerless, the angry wife ordered her into submissive positions intended to accentuate her humiliation!

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