Cuties In Captivity

Release Date: Nov.02.2012
Running Time: 0:47:20
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Heather Vahn, Charlotte Stokely, Mandy Sky, Sophie Nova, Georgia Jones, Randy Moore

Boot bondage, sox bondage, stocking bondage, self-bondage and good old nude bondage: Variety in restraint's the theme but the compelling presence of the helpless heroine ties all these scenes together!

When Charlotte Stokely and Heather Vahn clash with Loren Chance, there's never any doubt that they'll be bound and gagged -- it's only a question of the details! As it turns out, Loren wants to get a good look at her cringing captives, so she binds the naked girls side by side and tapes their mouths! Supported by ropes that link their chest bondage to overhead rings, Heather and Charlotte stand wide-eyed and helpless, then squeal indignantly when Loren ties them tit to tit!

Multi-colored thigh-high sox encase Mandy Sky's legs and an iridescent thong protects her privacy, but black rope compressing Mandy's arms, legs and bare breasts defines her plight! The exotic little captive as kneels on a bed, then writhes on her side once a bright red ball-gag's stuffed in her mouth and a final rope links her wrists and ankles!

It's possible to be too clever for your own good as Sophie Nova demonstrates when she tries to prove to her apartment manager that the complex needs stricter security. Scheming to present herself as the victim of a burglar, Sophie ties and gags herself in rudimentary fashion, but finds herself in a much tighter bind after a genuine thief overhears her plan and pays a visit!

Georgia Jones has a problem: She's gagged with duct tape, hogtied and naked except for her very attractive thigh-high boots. But Georgia's never allowed rigorous bondage to discourage her from struggling with intensity, so get ready for a dramatic gem from Miss Jones!

Her marvelous body unclothed except for white RH & T stockings, Randy Moore's roped into a precarious kneeling position and muffled with a black overmouth gag! After she's pushed onto her stomach and hogtied, Randy arches both her body and exquisite feet while battling her bondage!

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