Topless Girls Held Captive

Release Date: Dec.07.2012
Running Time: 0:44:50
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jamie Lynn, Ashley Bennett, Randy Moore, Lilly Banks, Mandy Sky, Martina Warren, Ashley Bennett

A different aspect of Ashley Bennett emerges when she invades Jamie Lynn's space to punish her for insulting comments! Once she's got lingerie-clad Jamie neatly trussed-up on the floor, Ashley humiliates her bad-mouthing rival by pressing her bare feet against Jamie's face! After the angry captive tries to bite Ashley's toes, she tape-gags the struggling girl, then completes her disciplinary mission by tweaking Jamie's nipples and teasing her very ticklish bare soles!

Lilly Banks receives an ugly surprise when she returns home to find housemate Randy Moore standing naked, bound and ball-gagged in a corner of their living-room; within moments, a nude, trussed and tape-gagged Lilly shivers next to Randy! Before leaving, the home invaders satisfy their depraved sense of humor by placing Randy on a chair, then tying Lilly face-to-face with her in a spread-legged straddle!

Dressed in blue jeans and a cute yellow top, barefoot Mandy Sky's the perfect image of innocence in restraint as she sits tied and cleave-gagged on the edge of an armchair! Mandy's nasty captors can't resist spoiling her innocence, however, by exposing her shapely little breasts and leaving the feisty girl to struggle indignantly on the floor!

Is it a nightmare or a satisfyingly sensual fever-dream? You'll have to ask Martina Warren, who sleep-walks into bondage at the hands of a black-hooded rigger wielding ropes of the same hue! Binding the British blonde's voluptuous nude body and separating her glistening lips with a red ball-gag, he oversees Martina's wide-eyed undulations as she first kneels crotch-roped on a platform, then wriggles hogtied and drooling!

Smiling sweetly, Ashley Bennett offers her body for a bondage demonstration! First tied standing in bra and panties, Ashley's sequentially cleave-gagged, has her breasts exposed and panties pulled down, then is bound on her hip with a rope tethering her ankles and knees! Her cleave replaced by strips of duct tape, Ashley squirms sexily on the floor as she plays a not-terribly-worried damsel in distress!

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