Let's Move Into Linda Connor's House

Release Date: Jun.10.2011
Running Time: 0:41:40
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Linda Connors


Linda Connors has it all -- she's bright, beautiful and the proud possessor of a great new house! But Linda's about to meet an unusual young couple who will turn her life upside down; they aren't bad people by any means, yet they just can't stop tying and gagging Linda!


As the rope restrained Linda lies struggling on the floor of a curved corridor and uttering muffled cries through the cloth gag tied over her mouth, a young woman appears and asks: "What are you doing in MY house?"


Linda's briefly released and the couple assures her that she won't be harmed...but they can't let her loose to call the authorities! So the rope crafty young woman hogties and tape gags Linda, who writhes on a couch while her "guests" consider their next move!


A dazed Linda's liberated from the hogtie and allowed to change clothes, but freedom doesn't last long! Barefoot and dazzling in her pink dress, Linda sits pinned with rope to a chair in the dining area, cloth tied snugly between lips!


Sleep is long overdue for everyone, but while her captors take over the master bedroom, poor Linda's taped up in her pajamas on the floor of the rec room; a tape gag silences any annoying pleas she might be tempted to make!!


After thinking over their situation, the couple decides that it's time to leave and let Linda to get on with her life. But to give them a head start before Linda can contact the authorities, the exhausted homeowner's thoroughly bound one final time, cleave gagged and roped to a post, where she has plenty of time to look back in amazement on the last few days! 


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